Valid Address Proof To Get Mumbai Local Train Railway Seasonal Pass

“To keep on check on its customers identity and as per High Court orders, One needs fill a railway form and provide with relevant address proof from 15th July 2014 onwards when requesting for seasonal pass for Mumbai local trains. Any seasonal pass which are Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly or For One year, you have to submit documents related to you address without which getting a pass will be not possible. Your Pass OR main ID card with photo will be stamped as verified (Document Received) once you do the needful. This process is quite similar to the KYC (Know Your Customer) details you provide to your banks recently, Below are the expected relevant list of documents one needs to get along to get Mumbai local train pass approved..”

Address Proof Related Documents
Address Proof Related Documents

List Of Documents Valid As Address Proof

As of date, Aadhaar Card is a valid address proof. Yet, below listed documents were valid just before couple of years.

  • Electricity Bill (Latest Or Previous Months)
  • Passport if updated with current address as you stay.
  • Aadhaar Card, Almost all recent card applied has latest addresses on it. You should provide with latest if that is outdated.
  • Other Utility Bills, Like Electric Bill.
  • Driving License.
  • Also get along with PAN Card or any other proof you have that may help.

The exact details will be known on 15th July 2014 and we will try to update this page with a sample form and exact details on documents required along with the process and other details if missed . But be ready on the date, else you will have to take an alternate method like Coupons, ATVM or Long Queues to get your regular ticket for a day till you get your pass confirmed. Mobile ticketing is another option for quick daily travel tickets.

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  1. Hi Deven, what documents are required to purchase a “local train AC pass” for foreign nationals? Can I provide my foreign passport and driver’s license? Obviously since I don’t live in Mumbai (though I grew up there), I don’t have any of the Indian documents you are mentioned in the article eg. electricity bill, aadhar card, etc.

    Regards and Thanks

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