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“Think on a situation, Its a lovely day and you are out by road of Mumbai, A city where generally people don’t have time for other strangers without personal work. But wait, a soul may be injured and waiting for your help at road side and it might be god’s plan to take you out for a casual walk or some work just to help and save his life. Please don’t ignore road accidents and walk away clicking pics because you can help a victim in his ‘Golden Hour’, which is the first hour of accident to help take action, rescue and save his/her life. A quick action by you as a bystander may be also help him not loose body parts or get paralysed for life time. Below are 10 very important steps one must understand and follow during such critical time of road or any other mishaps in Mumbai or anywhere around India. Our law has now encourages bystanders to help and gave surety that they will sure not get into legal hurdles and waste of time if helped others. Updates August 2015 : Good news is rules have been changed for helpers to road accident victims, Details below..”

Giving CPR Help to Victim
Giving CPR Help to Victim

10 Steps Helping Road Accident Victim

  1. First and foremost, call up police helpline, Dial 100 and that will make things easier and help like ambulance and first aid faster. In Parallel, call any government / private Ambulance services you remember or have handy. For Mumbai citizens we listed various helplines in our Android App.
  2. Be careful before touching victim’s body, he might have got injuries anywhere and may have severe hidden wounds or broken bones which can create more problems. Check if he is in conscious stage and look upcon any visible injuries in body without touching.
  3. If a biker, Remove helmet very slowly only if the victim has breathing difficulties. Else keep it as it is. People in major accidents have hurt their head and even after reading such articles and news, still don’t care of wearing an helmet and following driving rules.
  4. If wounds are seen on hand / legs or similar area where one can put pressure using a cloth to stop flowing blood, Do it. Cause of major deaths in road accidents are excessive amount of blood loss. This can be an very important step to save his life.
  5. If not sure if the limbs or joints are broken, do not touch or move the person. There may also be major injuries at other very sensitive areas like backbone and Spine.
  6. Giving Water or any other liquid substance as care is not a good idea, It may increase the blood flow speed and he may die causing excessive blood loss. Also if you see any vehicle part etc stuck / punctured inside body, ‘Do Not’ try help remove, leave it as it is. Let the trained ambulance staff / doctor do the needful.
  7. If you are from one of those who really care and is helping victim till hospital, just take care of the neck and head portion. Lesser movements and road jerks will help if you have given a little head and neck support to his body. Especially if its a monsoon season and headlines are talking about Mumbai potholes.
  8. If you know or are trained to give CPR (Chest pressure for heart rate / Mouth to Mouth Oxygen transfer) do it if found victims body in unconscious state.
  9. Do not wait for others around to take action and help, the first hour of any accident is very critical and so is it named ‘Golden Hour’ which can save any such life. Use your car or stop any vehicle who can help rush the victim to nearest hospital. If you are on any National Highways, keep note of the Emergency helpline board signs which can guide you faster.
  10. Call upon victims family / friends or any relative immediately, Check the latest dialled numbers. Search for words like Mom, Dad, Wife etc and also words like (Baby / Jaan) which are kept for kids, wife, girlfriends.

Note Of Caution On Road Accident

A special request to those smartphone users who prefer to keep the mobile phones 100% locked and drive along Mumbai roads. God forbid, But think on what if such unforeseen incident happens to you ? How can a bystander helper contact your family ? If it is really needed, just lock the required apps and keep the phone free.

Mumbai city is just a part of India where about 11 to 12 lakh people died in last 10 years. Reasons may be anything from not following road safety guidelines or rash driving etc. 50% of such are head injuries and most of them are pillion riders who are generally not seen wearing helmets whenever observed any road accident. Its an equal responsibility of motorist and pedestrians to know their driving and walking limits, and most important show care to each other. Finally thanks to Rhythma Kaul who wrote such wonderful article in HT that i thought to reciprocate those 10 important points in my words and spread this awareness points with other articles i wrote about road traffic rules, policy etc in this blog. You might also like to have a look at out Helpline page and download the app as linked at start of this article. Have a safe journey and a positive helping attitude.

Legal Rules For Helpers Of Road Accident

We all are in hurry when it comes to travelling on Mumbai Roads. When we see any road accident, the immediate first thing that comes up in every heart is the pain for the victim and an urge to go and help them to get up, pull victim aside the road, help call their relatives and if have enough time take the accident victim to nearest hospital, Right ? Then why most of the time people just stare blank and don’t help ? Height of disgrace are those who take pictures on mobile instead of giving and helping hand.

Till lately, Our legal rules and treatment to those Samaritan helpers and not be a bystander were not so good. At hospitals and police stations they were asked to spend time and give all their information about accident and the help process etc. On top multiple times they were called for any further investigations etc. That brought the good Samaritans to halt and just stare being helpless. A common line in Hindi from a bystander can be heard is “Jane do kaun yeh lafde mein padega, Police ka lafda and time waste. Itna time kisko hai Mumbai mein”. Indeed they feel like helping yet the rules and legal procedures are not supportive and the GOLDEN HOUR of saving the victim is lost.


Considering all the facts as discussed above, Road traffic rules have taken a bend with loosen rules on those strangers and Samaritans who are will to show the human side to the accident victims. Road transport commissioner have informed various RTO in Mumbai to create awareness about the new legal rules and support road accident victims as the helper will not fall victim of legal hassles. below are the details you must read (AND MUST TALK TO OTHERS & SHARE THIS INFORMATION) :

  • After taking road victim to hospital, You can leave immediately and no one have right to question you. Hospitals (Public and Private) are informed of not forcing to give any personal details while filling forms.
  • No need to give your personal details like Name, Address and Contact to police, hospital or victims family/relative. Just help and move ahead for your work. Good deeds gets credited in your Gods book of accounts.
  • If any government officer or anyone tries to force you to give information, Action will be taken on him. Optionally and Willingly you can give your personal details for further help.
  • You might get rewarded for such good deed and setting and example in front of Mumbai commuters.
  • No liability can be fixed (May it be Criminal or Civil) on the helping hand.

Now, WILL YOU HELP ? Please comment your thought in below comment box and share this good move by our government / traffic police department

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