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“Its all about the 4.2 Km long peddar (Also Called Pedder) road flyover connecting lala lajpatrai marg on other side since year 2000. A thought of Decongestant road traffic at Haji Ali junction which was much required was proposed in year 2000. Time after time the actual construction was postponed as lots of clearance hurdles and oppose from residents along peddar road were also not happy with the project which will create Noise and Dust pollutants till its gets constructed completely. Lets understand more about the flyover and its current status..”

Peddar Road Area South Mumbai
Peddar Road

Peddar road is one of the most alight residing location in south Mumbai with richie rich of Mumbai stays. Stand along the Cadbury junction and you can see one of the India’s richest home ‘Antilla’ at Altamount road owned by Mr. Mukesh Ambani and all knows who he is. This road connects cumballa hills and lala college the other side, along with Tardeo road and Bhulabhai desai road connecting at Haji ali Junction and cadbury junction. The very famous and reputed Jaslok Hospital and few more celebrities, business tycoons who stay along this way and so its obvious that the narrow roads of pedder might takes time to get up and running to help traffic ease. No body likes construction sound and the air and noise pollution it creates, so are the residents no so happy with this project.

On the other side Maharashtra Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) is taking all required steps to get all required clearance for this flyover. Its 2014 and still the project is to get a takeoff the ground. State government sometimes thinks of giving the project to BMC, But MSRDC still holds on the bars and have already got coastal regulation zone (CRZ) clearance in September 2014. The one that is now required is the clearance from Traffic department of Mumbai (NOC) and the challenge is a perfect plan to show them on how during construction the traffic will be re-located and moves with ease till the project finishes. Don’t know about a decade long difference of project cost, But initially it was said that it will cost about more then 200 crores to get the flyover ready. Once done the flyover will help ease the traffic at Haji Ali junction, Cadbury Junction which has Iconic Mahalaxmi temple and goes ahead to Bhulabhai desai marg and also Gamodia junction. Currently during peak hours all this junctions are facing traffic problem, especially the road between Haji Ali Junction straight to Jaslok Hospital is worse. Plans and Re-plannings are all on the way to give the best and help lookout the residents problem of dealing with pollution and so is the project planning to get Solar Power Air Purifier kind of Eco Gadgets that will help control dust particles entering homes and the construction work of flyover will only be carried on in day times.

updates : (April 2015)

A new twist to the flyover project plan is the change of body who will build it. Another change as of declared is that instead of one big flyover, 2 new fly overs will be build. So BMC is the new pilot for the project taking over from MSRDC and promising state government to complete the project which is pending for years now. Even if the traffic problems increases, public is fed up of this not so working plans and are getting used to the traffic at Haji Ali & Cadbury junction spending about 30 to 40 minutes a day one way. To quick revise, the old plan of building this flyover was from Lala college adjacent to Haji Ali junction, connecting other end to Wilson College at Girgaum Chowpatty. BMC is working on with new plans and wants two different flyover bridges, One at Haji Ali and Another one at Cadbury Junction, Reducing it by a Kilometre.

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