Upcoming Giant Shivaji Statue Memorial Inside Arabian Sea Of Mumbai

The Shivaji Statue, standing at a height of 210 meters, is set to be built by Larsen & Toubro within a 3-year timeframe starting from 2018. This renowned Shivaji memorial, situated within the Arabian Sea, will become the tallest Equestrian Shivaji Statue in Mumbai, positioned in close proximity to Marine Drive’s seafront. Here are the specifics of this highly anticipated attraction along the Mumbai coastline.

Picture Of Shivaji Memorial As Planned
Picture Of Shivaji Memorial As Planned

About Shivaji Memorial Statue

A colossal equestrian statue of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj, standing at a towering height of 210 meters, is set to become a prominent national monument. This magnificent tribute to the legendary Maratha warrior will soon be visible from a distance of approximately 3 to 4 kilometers from Marine Lines, situated within the Arabian Sea. Recently, another noteworthy addition to the area is the floating hotel.

The construction of the tallest statue commenced on February 19, 2015, with the end dates yet to be determined. However, preparations are being made for February 19, 2019, which holds significance as the birthday of Shivaji Maharaj, celebrated as Shivaji Jayanti.

An alternative proposal for placing this world-renowned equestrian statue on the INS Vikrant ship was initially suggested by architect Mr. Kolhatkar from Baroda. However, a new plan has been proposed subsequently, and after obtaining special permission from the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ4) authorities for the designated area in Mumbai’s Arabian Sea, the long-awaited project, which was initially proposed in 2005 and received state government approval in 2011, is now commencing.

As the first of its kind in India, this world-class monument in South Mumbai has become a popular tourist attraction for both local citizens and foreign visitors. In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all, comprehensive security measures and other plans have been carefully devised and proposed. Exciting additions to the Shivaji memorial complex are also in the works, including a Museum, Gallery, Amphitheatre, Marine Aquarium, and many other exciting features. For more information, please read the complete details below.

Updates March 2018 : L&T is set to commence the colossal project, which is expected to span a duration of approximately 3 years (equivalent to 36 months), encompassing a wide range of amenities and captivating features as outlined on this webpage.

Updates March 2017 : The authorities have decided to reassess the height of the statue after discovering that the existing Buddha statue at the China Spring Temple will still be taller. Their goal is to make the Shivaji statue the tallest in the world. Currently, they are in the process of seeking permission for a 210-meter tall memorial.

Updates August 2016 : Modifications need to be made to the design of the Shivaji memorial in order to address security and health emergency requirements. As part of the sea project, a 10-bed hospital has been included to cater to emergency cardiac patients, considering the 4 km distance to the mainland as a potential challenge. This mini hospital will also serve as a rescue facility during Tsunami situations.

In light of security concerns such as terrorism, a three-tier security system (monitoring from the air, water, and land) has been incorporated into the project blueprints. The groundbreaking ceremony, known as Bhumi Poojan, is scheduled to take place on October 15, 2016. A 15.96-hectare rocky tidal wall will surround the memorial, standing at approximately 4 meters high to protect against high tides. This protective barrier will be visible for about 40 minutes during low tides.

Shivaji Statue Location Inside Arabian Sea

According to the details as specified at Maharashtra state government letter detailing project plans, the Memorial site is located near Marine Drive coastal area at approximately 2150 Metres distance from Raj Bhavan, 1600 Metres from Walkeshwar, 1500 Metres from where currently H2O water sports adventure jetty is located at Girgaum Chowpatty, 1000 Metres from Marine lines sea front, 1400 Metres from Churchgate Sea Front and 1600 Metres from Nariman Point (See Picture).

The basalt rocky area, resembling the shape of an egg, where the construction will take place measures approximately 650 x 325 meters. The precise coordinates of the statue’s location are 72° 47’25.0″ East longitude and 18° 55′ 33.8″ North latitude.

How to Reach : Obtaining an officially declared address for this memorial may take some time. However, based on the location information provided, the closest station to access this attraction is Marine Lines, situated near Churchgate at the southern end of the western railway route in Mumbai.

Jetties will be constructed along the coastal area to facilitate travel and transportation. Additionally, a jetty will be built at the Gateway Of India in Mumbai to provide convenience for visitors who are already in the vicinity. This will enable them to easily commute via ferries from the Gateway and directly reach the Shivaji Memorial.

Location Of Shivaji Memorial Statue
Location Of Shivaji Memorial Statue

Attractions at Shivaji Memorial

Envision yourself standing on the 60th floor of the Statue Memorial, gazing out at the breathtaking cityscape of Mumbai. Once the memorial is completed, it is estimated that nearly 10,000 tourists will visit each day to admire the view of the Arabian Sea. From a height of approximately 180 meters inside the statue, you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the city.

The primary focus of this tourist destination is the iconic monument of Raja Chhatrapati Shivaji, a world-class national level figure. He was a courageous Maratha warrior who led the fight against foreign rulers and Mughals to liberate India from their control. The massive equestrian statue of Shivaji Maharaj on horseback can be spotted from a great distance due to its impressive height of 312 feet, surpassing even the Statue of Liberty. Undoubtedly, this monument will become one of the top attractions in Mumbai and a must-see on any Mumbai Darshan itinerary.

The accurate height of the statue will measure 210 meters, depicting an equestrian figure riding on a horse. This height is in contrast to the previously mentioned record-breaking height of 309 feet, surpassing the Statue of Liberty’s 93 meters (305 feet).

According to the project plans, the area surrounding the memorial can accommodate approximately 3000 individuals simultaneously. The surroundings will be adorned with a picturesque landscape, and there will be a unique Shivaji museum showcasing authentic artifacts utilized by Chattrapati Shivaji during wars. Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to view original inspirational quotes written by him. Furthermore, a gallery located either inside or near the museum will vividly depict the courageous life of Shivaji Raje through captivating stories.

In addition to the museum, there are plans to construct an amphitheatre and an auditorium. Moreover, apart from the attractions mentioned in the tourists attractions listed, and area in Mumbai, there are plans to develop a water sports activity adventure and a sound and light show around this memorial for spectators.

Furthermore, a Marine Aquarium is anticipated according to the proposed plans, and exclusive multi-level car parking amenities will be constructed, along with efficient evacuation strategies via boats and helicopters in the event of sea and water-related emergencies.

Following a comprehensive analysis and evaluation by planners and teams from IIT, taking into account all potential advantages and disadvantages in a meticulous and organized manner, key authorities such as the Western Naval Command, Fisheries Department, and MPT have approved this initiative, which is poised to become a major national attraction in India, situated in the city of Mumbai, with the potential to be recognized as a world heritage site in the future.

Experience the beauty of the Arabian Sea while enjoying your leisure time at this monument, complete with cafes, refreshment options, bookstalls, and lavatories. It almost feels surreal to be talking about the same Mumbai, doesn’t it? This iconic memorial dedicated to a great Maratha Fighter is truly a world-class attraction located within the sea of Mumbai. With numerous proposals and plans in place, let’s hope that everything goes according to plan so that both citizens and tourists can enjoy the best of what this attraction has to offer.

This establishment is committed to promoting eco-friendliness by incorporating energy-saving and efficient electrical fixtures. Additionally, it will harness solar energy and implement strategies for utilizing storm and rainwater through recycling, reusing, and treating water.

Ensuring the protection of the memorial against storms and high tides is a significant undertaking. To achieve this, a sea wall will be constructed, along with retaining walls made of submarine rocks. Security guards will be strategically positioned at necessary points along the coast and around the memorial. Additionally, state-of-the-art electronic devices and round-the-clock CCTV cameras will be deployed for continuous surveillance.

Timings and Charges

The information regarding Entry timings and Charges / Rates of Tickets (If any) will be revised once we receive the necessary details.

NOTE : As the project is still in its early stages, there is a possibility of changes occurring over time. We highly appreciate your comments and updates regarding the project, and we will take the necessary actions as soon as they become feasible.

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