Shivaji Statue Memorial Inside Arabian Sea Of Mumbai

Shivaji Statue height revised to 210 Meter will be constructed by Larsen & Toubro in 3 Years time from 2018. This iconic Shivaji memorial inside Arabian Sea project will be tallest Equestrian Shivaji Statue in Mumbai located nearest & close to Marine drive sea face. Below are details of this upcoming attraction of Mumbai sea.

Picture Of Shivaji Memorial As Planned
Picture Of Shivaji Memorial As Planned

About Shivaji Memorial Statue

Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Memorial, A Huge equestrian statue and a upcoming national monument of 210 Meter height of great Maratha Fighter Shivaji statue will be seen soon at about 3 to 4 kilometres distance from Marine Lines inside Arabian Sea. Lately a new attraction was the Hotel inside sea.

The tallest statue project begins on 19th February 2015 and end dates are still to be known, Yet it is decided to get things ready by 19th February 2019 which is a very special day, Birthday of Shivaji Maharaj (Celebrated as Shivaji Jayanti). An alternate idea of getting this world class iconic equestrian statue to be kept on INS Vikrant ship was initially given by Baroda based architect Mr. Kolhatkar, But later as detailed below a plan is been proposed and after getting special permission from Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ4) authorities for that area inside Mumbai’s Arabian sea, the much awaited project as proposed in 2005 which got state government approval in 2011 is getting started. Considering it as a one and first of it’s kind of world class monument of India, An another tourist attraction spot of South Mumbai with more and more citizen visiting along with foreign tourist, Related security and other plans have been laid down and proposed. Soon this Shivaji memorial complex will have Museum, Gallery, Amphitheatre, Marine Aquarium and lots more. Read complete details below..

Updates March 2018 : Finally, L&T will start the giant project that will take about 3 years time (36 months) with all the facilities, attractions as detailed on this page.

Updates March 2017 : The height of the statue is reconsidered after authority found an already existing Buddha statue at China spring temple will still be more in height. They want Shivaji statue to be the tallest in world. Now asking permissions for 210 Meter heighten memorial.

Updates August 2016 : Some changes in the design at sight of Shivaji memorial has to be done considering the security and health emergency requirements. Added in the sea project is 10 Bed Hospital which can serve emergency cardiac patients if required as the route to land is about 4 km which may be a challenge. The mini hospital will also be to rescue during Tsunami situations.

Considering security against terror etc, A 3 tier security (Watch from Air, Water and Land) has been added to the project plans for which Bhumi poojan is expected on 15th October 2016. Rocky Tidal walls of 15.96 hectare will be covering the memorial which will be about 4 metres high to take care of high tides. This wall will be visible during low tides for about 40 minutes.

Shivaji Statue Location Inside Arabian Sea

According to the details as specified at Maharashtra state government letter detailing project plans, the Memorial site is located near Marine Drive coastal area at approximately 2150 Metres distance from Raj Bhavan, 1600 Metres from Walkeshwar, 1500 Metres from where currently H2O water sports adventure jetty is located at Girgaum Chowpatty, 1000 Metres from Marine lines sea front, 1400 Metres from Churchgate Sea Front and 1600 Metres from Nariman Point (See Picture). The egg shaped basalt rocky place on which the development will be done is about 650 x 325 Meters. The exact Longitude and Latitude of the statue location are 72 ° 47’25.0″ East and 18 ° 55′ 33.8″ North.

How to Reach : It’s still long to get an officially declared address of this memorial, But according to the location details above, The nearest station to reach this attraction spot will be Marine Lines which is next to Churchgate at far south end on western railway route of Mumbai. Jetties will also be built from coastal location for travel and transport. Another jetty also from Gateway Of India for convenience of visitor who already around, They can easily travel via ferries at gateway reaching directly to shivaji memorial.

Location Of Shivaji Memorial Statue
Location Of Shivaji Memorial Statue

Attractions at Shivaji Memorial

Imagine you are at 60th Floor of Statue memorial and viewing Mumbai, Yes that will be a fact once the memorial is ready for almost 10,000 tourist foot falling in a day inside Arabian sea of Mumbai. You can have a beautiful city view from about 180 Meters from inside statue.

World Class National Level Monument Icon of Raja Chhatrapati Shivaji is the main motto and attraction of this tourist spot, He was the first brave Maratha fighter who fought against foreign rulers and mughals to help free India from all such ruling. Such a huge equestrian statue (Statue On Horse) of shivaji maharaj riding will be seen from far distance as the 312 feet height is more than Statue of Liberty, Will surely be one of the best future attractions of Mumbai city and also be on Mumbai Darshan list.

The real / correct height of the statue will be 210 Metre tall, An equestrian (Riding On Horse) statue as compared to previously talked about getting record breaking 309 feet, which is taller then the statue Of Liberty at 93 Meters (i.e 305 feet).

As per project plans the location around the memorial can have about 3000 people at a given time. It will have beautiful landscape in surroundings and a special Shivaji museum which having the real artefacts used by Chattrapati Shivaji during wars. Also one will see the originally written inspirational quotes by him. A gallery inside OR near Museum will also showcase the brave life of Shivaji Raje via its stories.

Not just museum, an amphitheatre along with auditorium is planned to be built. What’s more ? Adding to the attractions listed, surrounding this memorial is also planned an water sports activity adventure with Sound and light show for onlookers. Adding more to it, a Marine Aquarium is expected as per plans and special multi-level car parking facilities will be made along with quick and prominent evacuation plans via boats and helicopters in case of any sea and water disasters. After overall study and research by planner and groups from IIT and considering every possible pros and cons in a strict and planned manner, Major authorities like Western Naval Command, Fisheries Department and MPT gave clearance to this project that will be a national level attraction in India being in Mumbai city and hope possibly be listed at world heritage in future.

Want to feel this Arabian sea a little more in your leisure time and that’s is possible too with surroundings of this monument having cafe, refreshment options, Bookstalls and Lavatories too. Ghosh, i am i dreaming and talking about same Mumbai ? Yes, that is why this is said to be going in World’s Icon memorial of such a great Maratha Fighter being inside sea of Mumbai. There are lots on the proposal list and planning and hope it goes all as planned and we citizen along with tourists get the best of this attraction.

Leaning towards eco-friendliness this place will have energy saver and efficient electricity fittings which will also use solar energy and will utilize ‘Storm & Rain Water’ with water recycle / reuse and treatment plans in place.

Securing the memorial from storms and high tides is a major task and sea wall will be built around along with retaining walls using submarine rocks. Security guards will be placed at all required located connecting coastal and around memorial. Hi-tech electronic devices and CCTV cameras will be operating 24 x 7.

Timings and Charges

This section about Entry timings and Charges / Rates of Tickets (If any) will be updated as and when details received.

NOTE : Since the project is at very early stage, Things might change with time. We will love your comments and updates on same and will do the needful as and when possible.

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