Penguins Section inside Mumbai Zoo – Entry Timings | Ticket Rates and More

“Humboldt Penguins section is the new attraction inside Jijamata Udhyan (Byculla / Mumbai Zoo) as it is called locally. 7 cute Penguins from Origins of Antarctica are now residence of Mumbai city, Here to cheer Children as well as adult citizens and tourists inside city. Lets know more about this section like timings, ticket charges etc..”

Penguins Inside Zoo
Penguins Inside Zoo

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After a loss of 1 female penguin named Dory, The remaining 7 are kept open now from a tiny quarantined area to a comfortable 18000 square feet area which has a bog pool of about 400 square feet at 16 Degree temperature. This penguin section inside this zoo is a much awaited location since 2016 when they were bought at a huge cost and have attracted much of oppositions from Animal lovers and few citizens with allegations of spending public money on something which is not required and most importantly, bringing a species out of their natural environment to Mumbai, a much high temperature city for them which they are not meant for.

As per news, entry to penguin section is free with just that Rs.5 needs to paid as main entry charges to Mumbai zoo. After 31st March, Zoo charges possibly be increased 10 times the current which means entry ticket rates per person will be Rs.50 from current charges of Rs.5, WHY ? just because authorities got a new attraction inside ? What about the pathetic conditions other Animals (Very Few Remains) stays? We really don’t know what the revamp is all about and when exactly Mumbai citizens and tourists will get a beautiful zoo with enough of Flora and Fauna’s which is worth paying higher amount as planned.

18th March 2017, Day 1 when Penguins section inside Mumbai zoo got open to public. Thousands of Mumbai citizen poured in this section of zoo premise to get glimpse of those Antartica residents, Now here in Mumbai city. The day observed long queues to avoid overcrowding in front of Penguins who have never faced so many people at a time, which may disturb them and also easy access to government employees which made few citizens upset. Penguins were seen busy eating and having fun around swimming pool area inside the special section. They eat eel, small fishes, sardines and other stuff happily and looks cute walking those tiny steps on 2 legs from the other side of the transparent glass sections with many selfies and other sweet moments been captured on mobile phones.

Those Humboldt Penguins (4 Females, 3 Males) are here to stay on huge public tax money, But as usual we citizens get use to everything with positive expectations for upcoming next and enjoy the new attraction gifted inside our Byculla zoo. Capacity inside Penguin section is about 100 people at a time, And to avoid over crowding that may make these delicate species uncomfortable. 6 Dedicated staff for Penguin section (4 Doctors and 2 Keepers) taking care of kitchen, health check up, temperature and other things required by those birds.

Although this zoo is the only one around India to have such cute and beautiful species at a special separate attraction section, We people also come here to view more of wild animals, which needs immediate attention and action from local as well as Central Zoo authorities of India who regulates the policies and norms for Mumbai and other zoo around our country as they are not satisfying public expectations. Yet, Be it the renovated Taraporewala Aquarium or anything else in Mumbai, We people welcome all with open heart, But sure expect more with lesser ticket and entry charges as we already pay higer taxes for every other things and all other facilities being inside city.

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