Bhiwandi Furniture Market – Mumbai’s Cheap Wholesale Furnitures Market

“Head to Bhiwandi furniture market for good quality furniture at wholesale rates (Market means ‘Bazaar’ in Hindi) located near Kasheli bridge Bhiwandi.

It is one stop place for best quality interiors (Home decor & more) at much discounted prices compared to other showrooms in Mumbai city as they have imported brands as well as self manufactured In House furnitures at rates as low as 30% to 40% and more.

Let us understand this wholesale market in more details like furniture range, difference in quality, market timings, bargain possibilities, small shops and brands with contacts and exact location to reach this market..”

Inside Furniture Market
Inside Furniture Market

Exact Location Address of Furniture Market

Location & Address

For anyone having doubts on where exactly is this Bhiwandi furniture Market located and how to reach, Here is the address and location guide.

Address : Chamunda Commercial Complex, Kasheli Village, Thane Bhiwandi Road, Near Kasheli Bridge, Bhiwandi, Maharashtra 421302.

How to Reach

From Mumbai : Once reached Thane west, Head towards Kapurbawdi road junction circle. One of the roads at this junction circle goes towards Bhiwandi and on the way is Kasheli Village bridge on Old Agra Road. As soon as you start on right side you will see Big Bazaar showroom. Keep going straight and you will reach Kasheli bridge and you see the flowing river below. Exactly at other end of this bridge are 2 sloppy entrance to ‘Chamunda Commercial Complex’. Few showrooms inside market at river bank are visible from road itself.

From Vasai Virar and Beyond : People looking to reach this wholesale furniture market in Bhiwandi from Vasai Virar location or beyond need to take the main National Highway 8 (Same which goes to Mumbai). Once crossed vasai, Keep left and you will see Bhiwandi road sign (ON LEFT) right below the upcoming bridge. Go straight till Anjurphata on Chinchoti Anjurphata road which connect the Thane Bhiwandi road. From main road take right towards thane on Old Agra road to reach this furniture bazaar. Kindly note that this road is not well maintained and a better route recommended is from Thane as detailed below.

Route via Thane : Keep straight after crossing vasai and from versova bridge (Bhayandar bridge) take left towards Thane. You will drive on Ghodbundar road after crossing a small Ghat. Keep straight, upon crossing 2 flyover bridges comes Kapurbawdi bridge (WHICH SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN) so keep left, and you reach the Kapurbawdi circle below bridge. On very first left is Bhiwandi old agra road which connects Kasheli bridge near this wholesale market.

Market Timings : 6 Days week, Friday Closed. Morning 10:30 Am to 8:30 Pm. Many shops and showrooms opens at 9:00 Am also.

Shops and Showrooms Inside Bhiwandi Furniture Market

I would like to write best possible details up to my knowledge and personal visit, Considering many or most of then are first timer visitors to this market. Hope that helps, ( I Will love to hear from you via comment box below).

The exact location of this wholesale furniture market is inside ‘Chamunda Complex’ which is on left side of road and as said there are 2 entrances without any sign board or entry gates. As soon as you enter, you will find few of known brands & showrooms of this market like Sanjar Furniture, InHome Furniture, Godrej Interio, Empire and White House one main first lane. On left are other small shops (few new) with varieties of furnitures at Cheaper cost.

Sanjar Furnitures Bhiwandi
Sanjar Furnitures Bhiwandi

Remember, Cheaper doesn’t always means good quality and neither does it means bad. One needs to have knowledge to understand the quality and the deal. Keep reading for what i mean..

Let us first understand and know some of the brands inside this wholesale furniture market. Listed are most of the brands, shops and showrooms. Before that let us see a 1 minute market view video first.

Inside Furniture Market, Bhiwandi

Small Shops and Branded Showrooms List

Few Small Furniture Shops
Few Small Furniture Shops
  • Home Concepts
  • Woodcrafters
  • Wonder Living
  • Art House
  • Sanjar Furnitures Showroom
  • In-home Furnitures Showroom
  • Godrej Interio Showroom
  • Empire Furniture Showroom
  • White House Furniture Studio
  • Trezure Furniture Showroom
  • Ashley Furniture
  • Furniture House
  • Parin Furnitures
  • Damro Furniture
  • T World
  • Suvika Lifestyles
  • Divina Interiors
  • Hollywood Furnitures
  • Living Concepts
  • Designo Furniture Studio
  • Luxora Furniture
  • Ekvira Enterprise
  • and few more..

Furniture Types & Quality Inside Market

This wholesale market of Bhiwandi is known for its classy & imported collection of furniture range for various Interior decor work at Home, Commercial Corporates, Indoor & Outdoor Artefacts, Wallpapers and Indian made furniture at wholesale cheaper rates. That said, one needs to understand that all range of products are available to fit major pockets.

Brands like Sanjar are known for its imported brand KUKA sofa range costing anywhere roughly between (1.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs). They are sole distributor of Kuka sofas in India known for it elegance, classy looks with best quality imported leather. One of the another very famous showroom at this market is In Homes as they are the oldest showroom at this Bhiwandi market with huge collection and wide range of furnitures for all purpose. Similarly, White house is known for its good quality Non-Imported range of furniture, Empire furnitures has wide range of Bedroom set made of MDF material (Chinese wood as said) which are very sleek and attractive, They also have wide range of other good quality products too. Treasure showroom is one more huge furniture showroom here in this market which also sells couple of imported brand furnitures and In House manufactured quality products.

How to Verify Furniture Quality

Although there are wide range of products and each product has its own quality check-list and range, I will try with a small example. With a personal experience of purchasing a Sofa set. I got some idea on the leather used and other materials used inside. Here is what one should know while purchasing a sofa.

  • Pure leather, Imported quality leather used in branded sofa only. This will be costly and starting range will be more than 1 lakh and more.
  • Good yet local quality leather used.
  • Artificial leather used (Not recommended as it peels off in a year or two).
  • Cloth like fabric material (I Forgot the name), But it looks like Velvet shades. As they say, This is comparatively cooler than leather for long time seating.
  • and few more..

Simply understand, many furniture showrooms here has one or two range of Imported / Branded products which has best quality leather and other material used. These are premium range of furnitures costing high with good guarantee or service warranty provided by these dealers. This products will last longer and product quality will be intact if used and handled as guided by them.

Another good quality range of furniture is made by the showroom brand them self. The only difference between an imported OR branded furniture and their own brand is the cost and quality feel & texture with looks. These shops also provide equal guarantee on their own manufactured furnitures which are equally good in quality. Its up to your likings and financial capacity to select the product you like.

We got some idea on leather used in sofa now, One more thing to know about is what material is used inside. Usually 2 things makes a sofa inside material, At seating area usually a hard density foam (40 to 45 mm) is used which makes seating solid & not soft. A lower density of 30 to 35 mm foam is comparatively softer, Combination of foam & cotton or recron makes the seating more softer too. The back rest area of good quality sofa always has soft recron inside. One should also look are the sofa stands (made up of wood or steel with chrome coating on mix material). Always ask for guarantee and you get an idea of things.

Types of wood used in furniture

Although i am not a master in selecting or judging quality of these furnitures, With my little personal experience that i will like share and help you. Every shop inside this furniture market has its own quality standards and material used, Branded and imported are exceptions. Below are some of the wood types one must know to ask few questions and clear some doubts.

  • Hardwood (Long lasting & Durable)
  • Ply with Veneer or Sunmica / Formica (Long Lasting & Durable)
  • MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) which is made of wood particles & other material with high temperature that keep and looks like real wood. Then finally powder quoted that looks very beautiful & shiny. (Also called Chinese Board, Usually goes for 5 to 6 years).
  • HDF (High Density Fibreboard). (Also called Chinese Board, Usually goes for 5 to 6 years).
  • Particle board (Low Quality). Should not expect to long last or more than 2 to 3 years.
  • and few more..

Furniture products made up of Hard wood & Plywood has longer life compared to MDF which last for 4 to 6 years or possibly more depends on handling. Particle board material is said to be low on quality. MDF & Particle board has to be kept away from moisture else the furniture life ends soon. These showrooms inside Bhiwandi wholesale furniture market will never give any guarantee for MDF & Particle boards products. Only Imported & In House products receive their respected warranty & guarantees.

Bargaining Options & Cost of Furniture

Yes, bargain do happens inside this market. If you are a regular customer, or a interior designer etc you know what is the best deal and what cost to pay for that furnitures. Imported furnitures has no bargain options.

According to my experience after visiting 3 to 4 branded & famous showrooms & couple of small shops in this market, I found most executives & sales person to be very cooperative and helpful. No one pushes the sale or try over do with their skills. They will help you with required information and best offered price for the product you ask for. Few showrooms do have stock clearance sections with best deals, But one needs to be aware of the reasons and smart enough to understand the quality and other things related to that furniture.

Talking about discounts and offers in this market, No seasonal sale like malls in city but usually they give about 40 to 45 percent discount on the listed cost of furniture. Many showrooms do not price tag furnitures. Remember, quality always has its cost and upon quoted the best price, bargain chances are very less here. A little last moment bargain is possible that may save you the transport cost of 2 to 4 thousand rupees etc. In Brief, Branded & Imported products don’t have bargain possibilities compared to their in house manufactured.

Wash rooms & Cafeterias

Please keep a note, Food options are very less here. In 2 Kilometres range there is no restaurant, food joints or cafe. One single restaurant inside compound and couple of vada pav vendors is what one can expect in and around this furniture market. Wash rooms are available at individual showrooms and few dealers are kind enough to offer you with drinking water and tea too.

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My love towards Mumbai city took me to passion blogging from hobby. Upon quitting job, now i am one of the online city & travel guide since 2007. Hope my efforts helps citizen, foreign nationals & tourists in some or other ways.

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  1. I have a bad experience with shop wood crafter which is apposite Sanjar furniture. I made my entire furniture from WOOD CRAFTER and that was mistake. Owner given false commitment and cheated us. Inspite paying full advance not completed on time and that also very low quality material. Be aware of such cheaters.

    Highly recommended not look at shop also

  2. Hey! I just wanted to know does good showrooms like Empire, Inhouse etc. Also negotiate upto 40% on their quoted price for non imported sofas?

    1. This furniture market is huge. Many varities & wide range of furniture.
      But prices are high. I was disappointed especially the cost . It is as good as you get in Mumbai City.

  3. World Furniture is one of the worst shop we had not done huge shopping but had purchased a study table for our son and they had sent a old one with damage and while fitting we saw and we refused to take, they themself fitted and confirmed it will be changed and thereafter they stopped picking up the call. Kindly post it as it is posted for the first time

  4. A shop called Pency furniture/Fine furniture is pathetic…I request don’t go to this shops…they are not worthy.I am telling you because I feel lot of pain by booking furniture from them. plz avoid taking any items from them

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