Bhiwandi Furniture Market – Mumbai’s Cheap Wholesale Market for Furnitures

“For high-quality furniture at wholesale rates, visit the Bhiwandi furniture market located near Kasheli bridge. This market offers a wide range of interiors, including home decor, at discounted prices compared to other showrooms in Mumbai. You can find both imported brands and self-manufactured in-house furniture at rates as low as 30% to 40% off and more. The market is open during regular business hours, and bargaining is possible. There are also small shops and various brands available, with contact information provided…”

Inside Furniture Market
Inside Furniture Market

Shops and Showrooms Inside This Furniture Market

Sanjar Furnitures Bhiwandi
Sanjar Furnitures Bhiwandi

I have strived to provide the most comprehensive details based on my personal visit and knowledge of the wholesale furniture market. It is important to note that many visitors may be first-timers, and therefore, I have taken this into consideration. The market is located inside ‘Chamunda Complex’ with two entrances, both without any signboards or entry gates.

Upon entering, visitors will come across well-known brands and showrooms such as Sanjar Furniture, InHome Furniture, Godrej Interio, Empire, and White House in the main first lane.

On the left, there are smaller shops, some of which are new, offering a variety of furniture at more affordable prices. I hope this information proves helpful. Please feel free to leave your comments below.

It is important to note that lower prices do not necessarily equate to poor quality, nor do they guarantee good quality. It is essential to possess knowledge and discernment in order to evaluate the value of a product or deal. To gain a better understanding, continue reading below.

To begin, let us familiarize ourselves with some of the brands present in the wholesale furniture market. The following list includes various shops, showrooms, and brands. Prior to that, we recommend watching a brief one-minute video showcasing the market.

Inside Furniture Market, Bhiwandi

Small Shops and Branded Showrooms List

Few Small Furniture Shops
Few Small Furniture Shops

Home Concepts, Woodcrafters, Wonder Living, Art House, Sanjar Furnitures Showroom, In-home Furnitures Showroom, Godrej Interio Showroom, Empire Furniture Showroom, White House Furniture Studio, Trezure Furniture Showroom, Ashley Furniture, Furniture House, Parin Furnitures, Damro Furniture, T World, Suvika Lifestyles, Divina Interiors, Hollywood Furnitures, Living Concepts, Designo Furniture Studio, Luxora Furniture, Ekvira Enterprise, and several others.

Types of Furniture and Quality You Find

The various categories of furniture and the level of excellence available within the market can be explored.

The Bhiwandi wholesale market boasts an impressive collection of furniture for various interior decor needs, including imported and classy pieces, Indian-made furniture, indoor and outdoor artifacts, and wallpapers. All products are available at wholesale rates to fit different budgets. Notably, Sanjar is the exclusive distributor of KUKA sofas in India, with prices ranging from 1.5 to 5 lakhs.

In Homes is the oldest showroom in the market, offering a vast collection of furniture for all purposes. White House offers high-quality non-imported furniture, while Empire Furnitures specializes in sleek and attractive bedroom sets made of MDF material. Treasure Showroom is another prominent furniture store in the market, offering a wide range of quality products, including imported brands and in-house manufactured pieces.

How to Verify Furniture Quality

While there exists a diverse array of products, each with its own unique quality standards and specifications, I will illustrate this with a concise example. Drawing from my personal encounter of acquiring a Sofa set, I have gained valuable insights into the type of leather employed and the materials utilized internally.

Consequently, I present the essential factors one should be aware of when embarking on a sofa purchase.

  • Pure leather, imported quality leather is utilized exclusively in branded sofas. This premium material comes at a higher cost, with the starting range exceeding 1 lakh and beyond.
  • Local quality leather is employed, ensuring a good standard.
  • The use of artificial leather is discouraged due to its tendency to peel off within a year or two.
  • For those seeking an alternative to leather, a cloth-like fabric material resembling velvet shades is available. This material, although I cannot recall its specific name, offers a cooler seating experience compared to leather, particularly during extended periods of use.
  • Additionally, there are several other options available to cater to diverse preferences.

Many furniture showrooms in this area offer a limited selection of Imported or Branded products that boast the finest quality leather and other materials. These premium furniture pieces come with a higher price tag but are accompanied by excellent guarantees and service warranties provided by the dealers. When used and handled according to the guidelines provided, these products are built to last and maintain their superior quality.

On the other hand, the showroom’s own brand also offers a range of furniture that is of good quality. The main difference between the imported or branded furniture and the showroom’s own brand lies in the cost and the feel and texture of the products. However, the showroom’s own brand also provides equal guarantees on their manufactured furniture, ensuring that the quality is equally satisfactory. Ultimately, the choice between the two options depends on personal preference and financial capacity.

Now that we have discussed the leather used in sofas, it is important to consider the materials used inside. Typically, sofas consist of two main components: the seating area and the backrest. The seating area is usually made with a hard density foam (40 to 45 mm) to provide a solid and firm seating experience. Alternatively, a lower density foam of 30 to 35 mm can be used for a comparatively softer seating experience. The combination of foam and cotton or recron can further enhance the softness of the seating. In terms of the backrest, high-quality sofas always incorporate soft recron for added comfort.

Additionally, it is crucial to inspect the sofa stands, which can be made of wood or steel with a chrome coating on mixed materials. It is advisable to inquire about the guarantee offered for these stands to gain a better understanding of their durability and quality.

Types of Wood Used in Furnitures

Although I do not possess expertise in the selection or evaluation of furniture quality, I am willing to offer my limited personal experience to assist you. Each store within this furniture market adheres to its own set of quality standards and materials, with the exception of branded and imported items. To address any uncertainties and gain further clarity, it is essential to familiarize oneself with the following wood types and pose relevant inquiries.

  • Hardwood: Known for its long-lasting and durable nature, hardwood is an excellent choice for furniture.
  • Ply with Veneer or Sunmica / Formica: This type of material offers both longevity and durability, making it a reliable option for furniture.
  • MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard): Crafted from wood particles and other materials using high temperature, MDF resembles real wood and is further enhanced with a powder coating, resulting in a beautiful and glossy finish. Commonly referred to as Chinese Board, it typically maintains its quality for approximately 5 to 6 years.
  • HDF (High Density Fibreboard): Also known as Chinese Board, HDF is designed to last for around 5 to 6 years, making it a suitable choice for furniture.
  • Particle board: Considered a lower quality option, particle board should not be expected to endure for an extended period, typically lasting around 2 to 3 years.
  • Additionally, there are several other materials available for furniture construction.

Prompt: Rewrite the text about furniture products and warranties.

Furniture crafted from hard wood and plywood boasts a longer lifespan in comparison to MDF, which typically lasts for 4 to 6 years or more, depending on how it is handled. Particle board material is often considered low in quality. It is important to keep MDF and particle board away from moisture, as exposure can significantly shorten the lifespan of the furniture.

Showrooms located within the Bhiwandi wholesale furniture market do not offer any guarantees for MDF and particle board products. Only imported and in-house products receive the respected warranties and guarantees.

Bargaining Options and Cost of Furnitures

Regular customers and interior designers are well aware of the bargaining opportunities available in this market. They know the fair price to pay for the furniture they desire. However, it should be noted that imported furniture does not offer any room for negotiation.

Based on my extensive experience visiting multiple branded showrooms and smaller shops in this market, I have consistently found the executives and sales personnel to be exceptionally cooperative and helpful. They do not employ aggressive sales tactics or attempt to oversell their products. Instead, they provide the necessary information and offer the best price available for the specific product you inquire about.

It is worth noting that some showrooms have stock clearance sections with excellent deals, although it is important to be knowledgeable about the reasons for the clearance and discerning enough to evaluate the quality and other relevant aspects of the furniture.

Regarding discounts and offers in this market, it is important to mention that there are no seasonal sales like those found in city malls. However, it is common for showrooms to offer discounts ranging from 40 to 45 percent off the listed price of furniture. Many showrooms do not display price tags on their furniture, emphasizing the fact that quality always comes at a cost. Once the best price is quoted, the opportunity for further negotiation is limited in this market.

However, a small last-minute negotiation may be possible, potentially saving you the transportation cost of 2 to 4 thousand rupees, for example. In summary, it is important to note that branded and imported products generally have less room for negotiation compared to their in-house manufactured counterparts.

Wash rooms and Cafeterias

Please be aware that the food options in this area are extremely limited. Within a 2-kilometer radius, there are no restaurants, food joints, or cafes available. The only dining option within the vicinity is a single restaurant located within the compound, along with a few vada pav vendors. As for amenities, washrooms can be found at individual showrooms, and some dealers are generous enough to provide drinking water and tea as well.

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Location and Address of Bhiwandi Furniture Market

For those seeking clarity on the precise whereabouts of Bhiwandi Furniture Market and the best route to take, the following address and location guide should prove helpful.

Address: Chamunda Commercial Complex, Kasheli Village, Thane Bhiwandi Road, Near Kasheli Bridge, Bhiwandi, Maharashtra 421302.

How to Reach

To reach the wholesale furniture market in Bhiwandi, those coming from Mumbai should head towards Kapurbawdi road junction circle after reaching Thane west. One of the roads at this junction circle leads to Bhiwandi, and on the way is Kasheli Village bridge on Old Agra Road. Keep going straight and you will reach Kasheli bridge, where you can see the flowing river below. Exactly at the other end of this bridge are 2 sloppy entrances to ‘Chamunda Commercial Complex’.

For those coming from Vasai Virar and beyond, take the main National Highway 8 and turn left at the Bhiwandi road sign below the upcoming bridge. From the main road, take a right towards Thane on Old Agra road to reach the furniture bazaar.

The market is open for 6 days a week, with Friday being closed. The timings are from 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM, although some shops and showrooms open at 9:00 AM.

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  1. I have a bad experience with shop wood crafter which is apposite Sanjar furniture. I made my entire furniture from WOOD CRAFTER and that was mistake. Owner given false commitment and cheated us. Inspite paying full advance not completed on time and that also very low quality material. Be aware of such cheaters.

    Highly recommended not look at shop also

  2. Hey! I just wanted to know does good showrooms like Empire, Inhouse etc. Also negotiate upto 40% on their quoted price for non imported sofas?

    1. This furniture market is huge. Many varities & wide range of furniture.
      But prices are high. I was disappointed especially the cost . It is as good as you get in Mumbai City.

  3. World Furniture is one of the worst shop we had not done huge shopping but had purchased a study table for our son and they had sent a old one with damage and while fitting we saw and we refused to take, they themself fitted and confirmed it will be changed and thereafter they stopped picking up the call. Kindly post it as it is posted for the first time

  4. A shop called Pency furniture/Fine furniture is pathetic…I request don’t go to this shops…they are not worthy.I am telling you because I feel lot of pain by booking furniture from them. plz avoid taking any items from them

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