Altamount Road – Mumbai’s Costliest and Affluent Residential Location

“Recorded as costliest residence of Mumbai in 2015, Altamount road has always been on top when it comes to the Affluent & Elite residents in city surrounded by greenery. Be it the Ambani’s (Antilia), Lodha’s (Altamount Project) or Jindal’s (Highest Cost Apartment) and many more industrialists or selective Indian of 19th Century officials during British era in Mumbai who worked as interpreters.

Altamount road is just another ordinary street at Gowalia tank, Tardeo in South of Mumbai, Yet it is one of those costliest home to extra ordinary business tycoons in city for which i call it a Billionaire street. Below are some details up to my knowledge..”

Altamount Road Street View
Altamount Road Street View

Altamount Road Antilia (Antilla)

Antilia Aerial View
Antilia Aerial View

Picture Courtey : Sahdev Panda

Antilia View Peddar Road
Antilia View Peddar Road

Photo Courtesy : 53n10ration A

This street of Mumbai is distinct when it comes to property rates and many other things. It is one of those very few locations like Malabar hills, Worli Sea face in South Mumbai which do not compete or be in normal / competitive pricing per square feet / square meter for residential apartments. It was always like that, But until late 2012 and 2013 till Altamount road was in news for the making of one of the costliest 27 floor’s residential owned by one family, non other then Mr. Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Group of companies.

It was this time when Altamount road, which is a connecting road to a very famous Peddar road was searched more than before. News articles flooded with few details of an upcoming amazing tower which will be 173.12 meters high named ‘Antilia’ (Initially named ‘Antilla’). It is beautiful peice of architecture, with as high as a normal 60 storey building completely owned and be resided by just one affluent Ambani family, (Mukesh Ambani in particular).

He resided at Cuffe Parade before this and had a dream of building a mega home & residential tower at Altamount Road for which the work begin in 2006. Lets have some highlights of what makes Antilia so unique and a famous resident in Mumbai and also world wide.

  • Imagine those starting 6 floors of total 27 are reserved for Owners imported car parking only. Wait, to finish that i must add, total of 168 such parking lots reserved for visitors, I mean just wow, who says there is parking problems in Mumbai city. One needs to learn from this one building which has such multi-level parking at altamount road.
  • If the initial news were correct, The seventh floor is reserved for car services.
  • Lets climb higher and go to the 8th floor. The fun and entertainment begins with a mini-theatre here with about 50 people of seating capacity.
  • The Workout floors, Health is wealth and no money can buy health, One needs to earn it well. So, i will call it a health floor above.
  • About 600 staff working full time inside Antilia including the Air Space staff which needs a control room kind too which is available here.
  • Special transparent glass made apartments for guests and family friends, No need to add what an amazing view it is of city or just Arabian sea.

This was just one example of this costliest street of Mumbai, ‘The Altamount road’. Let me guide you with some more details in and around this street.

Lodha Altamount Project

Lodha Altamount Tower
Lodha Altamount Tower

Picture Courtey : Jayanta Banerjee

A beautiful 40 storey ‘Lodha Altamount Tower’ which is ready and stands tall near Antilia broke benchmark in property price industry in 2015, when a duplex apartment on 34th and 35th floor was sold at sky-rocket price of Rs.160 Crores to ‘The Jindals’, one of the industrialist known for his company ‘Jindal Drugs’. That price for a 10,000 square feet area was the costliest at that point in 2015 and was paid by this affluent businessman which broke all records in Mumbai property market.

Talking about ‘Lodha Altamount’, a project by Lodha Group, It has all the facilities that an elite family needs. This property where Lodha tower stands now was once a residential called ‘Washinton House’, It was owned by US Consulate with their staff staying before taken over by Lodha. Till date in the vicinity of Altamount road, many other consulates have their property here, Some of those consulates are Japanese, Indonesia, Belgian, Chinese on connecting carmichael road.

Many such Billionaires and industrialists stays here and near street residential of this Posh area of South Mumbai since very long now. No doubt why will Altamount Road not be on top 10 costliest location in world as per wealth bulletin 2008. It was this time 2007 & 2008 when Mukesh ambani revealed about his dream home to news media which would cost around $1 Billion, A Mega apartment tower to be build at Altamount road with the square meter cost calculated then was $25000.

Property Prices

As detailed, this famous residential street of Mumbai ranked on top when it comes to property pricing. Project’s like Lodha altamount and most searched address at 39, Altamount road online shows up. Keeping aside such huge projects, below are property rates and examples of current residents on sale (As of December 2018 at various property portals) with their respective prices and other details (Approximate Rates and Other Details For Reference Only).

  • 2 BHK (950 Square Feet Super built-up Area) Residential Apartment in May Flower Apartment for Rs.3.11 Crores. Per Square feet rate goes to 32700.
  • 3 BHK (2000 Square Feet Super built-up Area) Residential Apartment in Alt View Tower for Rs.10 Crores. Per Square feet rate goes to 50000.
  • 3 BHK (1850 Square Feet Super built-up Area) Residential Apartment in Pushpak Apartment for Rs.16 Crores. Per Square feet rate goes to 86400.
  • 3 BHK (1120 Square Feet Super built-up Area) Residential Apartment for Rs.10 Crores. Per Square feet rate goes to 89300.
  • 4 BHK (2001 Square Feet Super built-up Area) Residential Apartment in Alt View Tower for Rs.10 Crores. Per Square feet rate goes to 49900.
  • 4 BHK (4500 Square Feet Super built-up Area) Residential Apartment in Lodha Altamount Project for Rs.32.53 Crores. Per Square feet rate goes to 72300.
  • 5 BHK (7200 Square Feet Super built-up Area) Residential Apartment in Lodha Altamount Project for Rs.55 Crores. Per Square feet rate goes to 76400.

More such properties (Apartments and Commercial area) on list. Few more housing societies / Apartments to named here are Usha Kiran, Meher Apartment, Khushnuma Apartment, Eventa, Crystal Apartment, Prabhu Kutir etc.

Talking about commercial properties here, Famous Brands like ‘AZA’ is located here at 21, Prithvi Apartment, Altamount Road, Opposite South African Consulate.

How to Reach Altamount Road

Reaching Altamount Road, Mumbai : This Billionaire’s Street (In 1990, Renamed to S K Barodawalla Marg) is located in South of Mumbai. Till date every taxi driver and others in locality refer and knowd this place as Altamount road only and hardly anyone around city will guide when you call up with new name ‘S K Barodawalla Marg’. Nearest railway station being Grant Road (West). On Google map when searched it’s address is refers as :

Altamount Road?

Gowalia Tank, Tardeo
Grant Road (West)

Latitude and longitude of the Altamount Road

Latitude : 18.967964 degree, Longitude : 72.809811 degree.

Location Map

Other Streets and Connecting Roads

Some of the connecting roads / streets to Altamount road are Anstey Road, Carmichael road, ML Dahanukar Road, Peddar Road (Main Road and Very Famous), August Kranti marg, Kemps Corner Flyover, Ridge Road.

Road Distance

Grant Road Station (West) : 1.5 Km, 11 Minutes by road and 21 Minutes walking.
Mumbai International Airport (Terminal 2) : 21.7 Km, Takes approximate 1 Hour.
Mumbai Central Railway Station (Junction) : 2.5 Km, Takes about 15 Minutes.
Bandra Kurla Complex : 16.7 Km, Takes about 50 Minutes.

On the list of more costliest locations are BKC, Nariman Point. See all locations.

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