Museum On Wheels – Mumbai’s First Mobile Museum

“MOW (Museum On Wheels) is first of its kind of roaming museum for Mumbai city. The start-up joint effort by IFA (India Foundation of Arts) and CSMVS (Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya) now supported by Citi Group can be seen on streets of Mumbai and around Maharashtra with art and craft works on display, Workshops Activities and more. Below picture shows lots of such mobile museums around world like America’s Children Museum on Wheel, Porche car and PAIG arts which has one such roaming wheel museum..”

Museum On Wheels
Mobile Museum

About Museum On Wheels

Rich Heritage and culture of ancient India can now only be found in books or at some heritage categorized locations, forts, temples and caves. The fast pace of today’s life in Mumbai and around many cities of Maharashtra has sad side of not having time to understand and know this rich culture, their faiths and beliefs, their daily routines etc. So comes the moving Museum On Wheels (MOW) to your doorsteps to help aware, educate, promote schools, colleges, NGO’s, Municipal departments, Far villages and many Institutes related to such activities.

Flint Knapping Activity
Flint Knapping Activity
Harappan Coins
Harappan Coins

Museum on Wheels is a huge bus, Just like those vanity vans that are used by many film stars of Mumbai. Specially customized, this bus has no fixed display inside as it keeps changing from time to time and displays wide range of things and objects related to old Indian culture and things related to educate other. This moving Museum is also also fully equipped for the on going workshops and activities that helps understand, recreate and feel the mindset and science behind the thoughts and work done in ancient India. Some of the activities and workshops are as :

  • Patronage workshops.
  • Working with varieties of stones with Flint Knapping.
  • Understanding our old coins and metals used.
  • Old Ancient Script studying.
  • Patronage.
  • Paper Making and Related.
  • Seal (Various Kind of Stamps) making.
  • Stamping a coin.
  • Clay Work and Block Printing.
  • Indian Heritage and History Discussion Sessions.

There is absolutely no Museum charges that one needs to pay to welcome this beautiful moving Museum bus to your place. Already lakhs of people have visited and benefited from this museum. Both students and adults from cities around Maharashtra and interior villages from Nasik, Ratnagiri and Navi Mumbai area too. Your Organization, School, College needs to contact them and book the museum bus by following the instructions and basic requirements given by Team MOW. A fully Air conditioned huge bus specially customized for displaying variety of objects and art work that carries things related top Workshop and Activities has all basic facilities that is required for a moving museum will reach your place upon proper booking and planned event.

CCTV cameras, Wheelchair ramps and other Digital equipments like Tablets, Demo Kits, Audio Visual tools etc which are required are all present for safety and smooth work around. Educate yourself and help others too by listening and participating in the activities and workshops done by their volunteers, related to the topics as detailed on this page. Recent display and subjects observed on this Wheels were ‘Big Indian Toy Story’, ‘Harappa Workers and Their Art Works’ and more..

Booking this Museum Bus

Museum on Wheels can reach your School, College, Organization etc inside Mumbai city or villages within Maharashtra state for which bookings has to be done a month or 2 in advance. Contact : +91-22-22844484 / +91-22-22844519 for Booking. After you contacting them, Team MOW will visit your location for feasibility and other check and will confirm about same. Plans on what will happen and when (Itinerary) will be done and you will be receiving confirmation from them for same.

Before calling the Museum bus to your location, You must be sure about the space and other requirements as the Bus is big 36 (Length) x 14 (Height) x 9 (Breadth). Room / Open space with enough shade of 30 to 40 people should be available with electric supplies.

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