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“If i am true, The heart beats already rises as soon the traffic police stops your vehicle ( Bike / Car etc ) for any some reasons, because the hassle of getting back the impounded driving license is a cumbersome process wasting time with money. A big relief on the same process has been already done by Mumbai traffic department, benefiting by saving time and hassles of RTO’s, Traffic cops, Courts and vehicle owners. See how..”

Road Offence Caught
Road Offence Caught

The Seized License Process Then and Now

Previously when your license was seized for any legal reasons falling under Motor Vehicle Act offence, it use be at the related outpost of traffic for next 10 days, which is the maximum period of time within which a car / bike owner should pay the requested fine and show up the receipt to get back the license. If the owner of vehicle fails to contact the outpost within 10 days, the license goes to RTO / Traffic Police head office located at Worli (South Mumbai). Next 14 days (2 weeks) it is kept at worli office and if still nobody comes to collect the same, it is finally sent to Court, the final destination to get the license back after the required process.

Now, Seeing the current scenario and studying the past records and about a lakh such cases monthly where the time was getting wasted, Traffic police head Mr. Upadhyay finally took the decision of extending the 10 days period to 24 days which is a very nice decision. Till next 24 days one can go to the local traffic department outpost among the 25 such in city and do the needful of collecting back the seized license upon showing the fine receipt. Once that days are crossed it will be sent to Headquarters and then to court as before.

Traffic Police Control Room
Traffic Police Control Room

Such small moves by Mumbai traffic departments is sure going to make a big difference in the much required traffic nuisance city Mumbai. More of such flexible and strict laws, hefty fines, CCTV eye watch on vehicle etc needs to be placed at more and more locations and not just at major junctions, as everyday one can see traffic violations happening at every other junctions, mainly in suburbs where traffic cop is not available or no CCTV cameras are fitted. Traffic rules and signs needs to be taken more seriously by we civilians, going hand in hand with police and guidelines for road safety should be kept on top priority.

What’s Your Experience ? : Rules tends to change, At least minor improvements takes places and i might have not been able to update with very latest about Chalan and License process. You can help me with that, Kindly share your experience in comment box below and help others too.

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