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“Imagine a day when you’re walking past the Railway station building of Bandra, known as ‘The Queen of Suburb’, on your way to catch your regular train for work or business. Suddenly, you notice foreigners taking pictures and videos, and getting off tourist buses. Some of them are even standing in a unique queue to enter a specific section of the station. To your surprise, this section turns out to be a Museum/Exhibition showcasing old railway pictures, presentations, artifacts, and other related items. Believe it or not, this incident has actually occurred.”

Bandra Station Structure
Bandra Station Structure

Bandra Stations Attractions

Some people who often go to Bandra see it as just another suburban station, while others who don’t visit often admire its beauty. The station was renovated in 2009 and still has unique honeycomb basalt stone walls and a red triangular roof that resembles an old temple.

The video I captured during the Monsoon season of 2014 reveals numerous details about the station building that are beyond my ability to describe. This iconic structure has been recognized as a grade 1 heritage site and is a source of pride for Mumbai’s railway system. It is currently being considered for inclusion on the UNESCO list due to its unique and classic design, rarely found in other city railway stations. The construction of this building, which provides shelter for railway staff and passengers, took approximately 24 years.

Bandra Railway Station
Bandra Railway Station Inside View

Established in 1864, accessible to the public in 1869 with limited train services. The famous platform number 1 (out of 7) was completed in 1888. Recognized as a heritage site in 1995, it underwent renovations in 2008 – 2009.

Bandra railway station in Mumbai is a popular tourist attraction with unique features like old artefacts, cultural activities, and continuous display of pictures and videos related to Indian Railways. It is the first of its kind on the western railway route.

The Station Building near Platform 1 lobby is getting a makeover. It will feature a heritage counter displaying old artefacts and souvenirs from the Global National Museum of Railway. In addition to the heritage counter, the toilets near Platform railway bridge will also be redesigned with a heritage theme. Baby nursing facilities will be included as well.

In the evening, the building will glow with lights. Beautiful lamp posts can be seen on platforms 3 and 2 of Bandra station. These lamp posts will also be included in the renovation of Platform no.1, along with the fencing and green landscape area near the Master Office.

Today, when you arrive at Bandra railway station in the west, you will find an auto rickshaw stand, a foot over bridge (FOB) leading to a flyover at Hill road junction, a few ATMs, a police chowky, regular BEST buses and AC bus stops, a newly renovated public toilet, a paper stall, several hawkers, a ticket counter on the left, a charming old mosque, and the traditional fruit juice vendors who have been at the same spot for decades.

Just walk outside station and few private auto drivers will call loud looking for passengers likely to go to famous locations of Bandra like ‘Linking Road‘, ‘Bandstand‘, ‘Hill Road‘, ‘Fort’ which are famous destinations and attractions of vicinity.

The renovation of the station area, including Auto and Bus Stops, is anticipated to greatly benefit commuters during peak hours.

Bandra station has 7 platforms for local trains, with platform 6 and 7 specifically for central railway routes. Take a look at the stunning architecture inside the station between platform 1 and 5, as well as the video showcasing the building structure that will soon draw in many tourists.

Iconic Station Video

More Attraction Near Bandra Railway Station

See another heritage spot, Bandra talao just at 5 minutes walking distance.

Bandra also have a beautiful Joggers park. If that’s not enough on list of attractions, also see attractions list at Bandra. After arriving at the station and taking photos of the iconic structure, you can explore other locations.

I will always remember the crowded station during the yearly Bandra Fair. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget since my childhood at the famous Mount Mary Church.

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