Kaali Peeli Taxi With 9211 Cabs App in Mumbai

No Khali Peeli Jhanjhat now for Mumbai taxi commuters as Kaali Peeli (Black Yellow) Regular Taxi Booking is now possible via ‘9211 Cabs’ app and via Call centre with flat discounts of 10% to 25%. Booking also possible via Whatsapp. A tough competition to already best app based taxi services by leading Uber and Ola in Mumbai.

Updates October 15, 2016 Kindly Note, 9211 Taxi App has been discontinued due to low response from taxi drivers and passengers too. Unlike Ola and Uber taxi’s, Due to low financial support the services do not exist now.

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Mumbai's Iconic Black Yellow Taxis
Mumbai’s Iconic Black Yellow Taxis

Updates October 2016 : Kaali Peeli Tax App is ready benefiting commuters with flat discounts from 10% to 25% depending on Routes. Getting in competitive mode with Ola and Uber who are currently the cheapest app based taxi service providers in Mumbai. Discounts applied to commuters booking these regular taxi’s via 9211 Cabs app or via the call centre. Kindly Note that toll charges and luggage cost to be given by travellers.

Updates 2015 News : “Kaali (Means Black) Peeli (Yellow) Taxis and Cool Cabs getting an App, Yes that’s what a common regular taxi in Mumbai getting. In Hindi it is called ‘Kaali Peeli’ while in English as it looks (See Picture Below) the ‘Black Yellow’ getting tech savy available via Mobile booking by November 2015 (Around Diwali). Joining the league of book a taxi / radio fleet via mobile Application to stay up and survive with competitors like UBER, OLA and other car hire companies already uses App based rental cars and regular taxis services in city. A major difference being these iconic Black Yellow regular taxis will not fluctuate with its tariff rates during tough times like Bus and Auto strikes in Mumbai and will have strict rules under ‘City Taxi Scheme 2015’ by State government. Lets understand where to download the Android, iPhone and Windows App for these Cool Cabs and Regular taxis to travel within city limits, Also understand Safety, Security and service features one can get by this festive season of Diwali..”

Discounts on Booking Regular Kaali Peeli Taxi Via 9211 Cabs App

Finally the much awaited day is arrived when Regular taxi’s in Mumbai (Famously known as Kaali Peeli cabs) is ready with their own app called ‘9211 cabs’ to book taxi’s just like we do for Uber and Ola.

9211 Cabs app & Call Centre Numbers for Discounts on Booking

To keep up with low rates and cheaper ride options around Mumbai and to have competitive shoulders with these aggregators in city, 9211 cabs app will give flat 25% discounts on total taxi fare for journey starting in Mumbai destined to Navi Mumbai and similarly 10% for vice versa. These discounts are also available if you call the taxi services via Call centre number “+91-22-40029211“.

Book Regular Taxi’s in Mumbai via Whatsapp

Whatsapp number “+91-7021718260” are also issued to reach taxi’s and to confirm bookings (Note, No Discounts via Whatsapp).

9211 Cabs App for Kaali Peeli Taxi Booking
9211 Cabs App for Kaali Peeli Taxi Booking

Mid February 2016 brings end to the most awaited regular taxi booking app named ‘9211 cabs’ and it seems that the names derives from the famous movie ‘Taxi No.9211’ which i loved.

Ready to serve millions of commuters and will be used by 35,000 to 40,000 odd regular taxis and ola cabs under the union visions of Mumbai Taxi-mens Union and Mumbai Taxi association in Mumbai, This app is currently (As of march 2016) active between few tech-easy drivers located between Bandra and Borivali (western Suburbs of Mumbai). Many other drivers are getting trained on how to use and related to app, maps inside and commuter communications. Not just that, you can also rate the individual taxi and comment about your journey and drivers.

Steps For Booking via 9211 Cabs App

  • Download and install 9211 cabs (Now Not Available OR Removed from play store).
  • Create an Account.
  • Start using by selecting Source and Destination.
  • App sends alert to Available taxi’s around.
  • Driver accepts the request and Commuter gets a confirmation message via SMS with taxi details.

Since mobile penetration is increasing for searching information and also via various handy Apps for various businesses, products and more available at Google Play Store and others, The Old manual ways of doing business is automatically pushed back. As it is said in technology world, ‘If You Are Not Updated, You Are Outdated’ and same applies to our Taxi unions around Mumbai who have join hands together for 9211 cabs app now. The concept of driving a taxi for survival is historic in city, As mostly uneducated / not so educated people for any some personal reasons got into this profession of driving a taxi decades back and feeling the pinch of technology into their pockets now due to the fast trends of using mobile based apps by our smarty youths and many others in city. To keep par with same and save themselves from getting washed away by the wave of technology, Taxi Union have decided to come up with a Taxi Booking App under ‘City Taxi Scheme 2015’. Currently very few private radio cabs / fleets uses the app which has also created news for women security in Buses and Local Trains. With this App a women or any other commuter can book a taxi and travel safe as government has set of rules compulsory like having a SOS button, Police and RTO helpline numbers inside. Driver details and Helpline Numbers will be on display inside the hired car.

Booking a taxi will be easy as a dedicated call centre (number +91-22-40029211) has been planned which can cater service to about 4000 taxis and can interact with commuters. The limit of 4000 taxis has been imposed per taxi service company / aggregator for better services. So, just download and use this App, Go On Booking options and taxi is at your location. GPS will track your location and inform a Yellow Black Regular Taxi or a Cool Cab driver to reach and pick you up and rest is as usual you do currently. One best thing of getting Kaali Peeli App on your Mobile will be the hard times we citizen’s of Mumbai faces during Bus and Auto strikes. Private aggregators take undue advantage and raises tariff prices (Rates per Kilometre for Day and Night) as high as 5 to 10 times the regular fare rates and we sufferers are the middle class job working crowd who get a pinch. Common people of Mumbai can’t afford such huge private radio fleet hiked prices and don’t get allowance (Claim Back) from their jobs which just few high paying executives enjoy. This new App which will be part of ‘Mumbai City Taxi Scheme 2015’ will help solve / lower these issues and bring relief. Hope, People will not have to chase, beg and get tired just to hire a regular taxi which they pay for.

Features of Kaali Peeli Taxi App

The final approval from state government is done and positively don’t see any hurdles to start with 9211 cabs app which also gives discounts to travellers. Below features are for all regular Black and Yellow taxi commuter of Mumbai that can be expected if using this App, available for Android, iPhone and Windows mobile as detailed by union.

  • App will be part of ‘Mumbai City Taxi Scheme 2015’ with strict rules and no dynamic tariff fare rates changing during strikes, floods and any such situations.
  • As per detailed, during launch, this App will only have Cool Cabs and Regular Kaali Peeli (Black & Yellow) taxis available for Booking.
  • Dedicated Call Centre will be available for help and support.
  • SOS button option inside App is compulsory for travel safety and Security of commuter.
  • 4000 taxis allowed per aggregator (Private or Taxi Union Kind).
  • Considering quality as per fare rates, New Vehicles will be preferred on the App list first ( Anything above 980 CC powered vehicle).
  • Small regular fleets and regular powered vehicles below 1300 CC will have persistent tariff. Big fleets may differ with rates.
  • Driver Information and Details, Helplines will be available inside taxi / cool cab. This will be monitored and tracked by Call centres via GPS and GPRS technology.
  • ‘For Hire’ indicator will be compulsory for all such vehicles.
  • Selecting AC / Non-AC Taxi options will be given.
  • GPS tracking will be done and Location details of Commuter will be sent to 5 family members/relatives/acquaintance as entered by commuter inside the App.
  • Few other facilities like Charge your Mobiles and Getting receipt via printer will be available.

Previous Ola App for Kaali Peeli Taxi Booking

As detailed by one of the leading App based taxi company in Mumbai, Ola which already books these Kaali Peeli taxi (At Different Rates) has following features. Kindly note that below features can change with time, We will try to update this page as soon at our best.

  • Ola Kaali Peeli can be booked via their App and Will pick you up from your location with no extra pick up charges.
  • Only Instant booking allowed, Nothing in advance.
  • Ola Only uses App services and Don’t have any Call centre for same.
  • You will not able to get receipt / invoice for your travel via Ola App, Such receipts are helpful to claim money from office / job.
  • One can track the rides, But currently we don’t have detailed feature about commuter safety and security related. SOS, Driver information, Helpline Numbers. (Kindly help with below comments and we will add the same).
  • Ola will not get involve if you have any issues related to driver during travel, They will just get you the ride at doorsteps.

What About UBER App and other ?
Sorry we don’t have any information about same. See Taxi rates for more..

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