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“ATVMs and UTS Mobile Ticketing is any time a great alternative to long ticket queues to get travel tickets and seasonal passes for Mumbai local trains. But what about those lakh and millions of NON Smartphone users having (Non Android, Non Windows) mobile phones who do travel in these central and western railway local trains daily and still want to travel smart ? Yes, Soon it will be possible for Non Smartphone users to use IVRS system and receive code via SMS to get the tickets printed via the ATVM machines. Below are details about same..”

Important !! : Please refer and contact Railway authorities on latest updates on this services.

Mobile Ticketing for Local Trains in Mumbai
Mobile Ticketing for Local Trains in Mumbai

By March 2016 or somewhere around all those commuters of local trains can travel smart by using their own Non Smartphones. CRIS (Centre of Railway Information System) who develops software for Mumbai Railway system (Central and Western Railway) and Local trains is soon getting a way out for all those UTS App Mobile Ticketing left out commuters. Using IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) any user who want to skip long ticket window queues can dial up Railway IVRS numbers, Select options like source and destination stations and finally confirm the journey.

Once the confirmation received, That users registered / used mobile for ticket booking will receive a one time code via SMS. Next step for that user is to go to any ATVM and select option to get selected journey ticket via the Non Smartphone ticketing option at ATVM machine which will ask for that received SMS code for confirmation and security check. Once the code is entered, ATVM machine will get all details by requesting CODE data to railway servers and print the journey tickets. What i feel here is that, the R-Wallet which is the payment option for UTS mobile app ticketing system will be used here too via which the journey fare will be deducted. One just have to recharge R-Wallet like recharging smart cards for ATVM.

I Personally used ATVM via smart card system and now UTS Mobile ticketing Android App. One of the hurdle which i think railway authority should work on is to allow refill / recharge of Rwallet online. Why their are no online payment facilities via which any App user and future Non Smartphone user can just use their credit / debit card and refill Rwallet ? Till date one needs to go to those ticket windows getting stared by lots of other queue commuters thinking he breaking queue etc. (Although one don’t need to get into queue for Recharge). Another inconvenience is that, the person have to give Rwallet mobile number in written along with name. I mean this is so Non-Techy and a hurdle kind feel in this period of using Apps and when world is shopping online now. Like thousands who are currently using UTS app i do think and request, thing happens soon and also request to all those travellers who still stand in long ticket queue to get App downloaded and get started or at least start using Smart Card ATVM system. As of day about 500 to 1000 people daily uses this app, Yet the number seems very low when we say Millions of commuters travel daily via lifeline trains of Mumbai.

To Get it Short, Below are possibly upcoming Steps on booking local train tickets via Non Smartphones using IVRS, SMS and ATVM (All required), Starting SOON.

STEP 1 : Call the Railway IVRS number which will be given once system is ready.
STEP 2 : Select Journey Options and other details.
STEP 3 : You will receive SMS with unique one time usable CODE.
STEP 4 : Go to ATVM Machine (Smart Card Not Required) and Select option to Print ticket via NON Smartphone system.
STEP 5 : Enter the Code you received via SMS.
STEP 6 : RWallet will be deducted with the required journey fare amount and ticket will be issued to you via Automatic machine.

CONGRATULATIONS, You saved your valuable time and are travelling smart now in Mumbai

IMPORTANT NOTE !! Some of the minor options in the above process and step detailed may change and will be updated here once confirmed and the SMS ticketing system is ready. Stay tuned with us via Google+ option below.

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