Women Security in BEST Bus of Mumbai – Women Helplines CCTV

“Women Security is of top concern in Mumbai public bus and after the latest tobacco banned restrictions, BEST (Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport) a Brihan Mumbai Mahanagarpalika company has taken rapid steps by putting up closed circuit cameras (CCTV) in all of its 4200 buses. With maximum work done, more then 3000 buses are already under official observation for indecent activities like theft and women harassment incidents like groping and taking undue advantage of crowded buses. Little load of fare hike for extra security of women in buses has to be bared by visitors, this is a must. Lets know more about this public transport security, legal process, options and toll free helplines for complaining..”

Best Buses in Mumbai City
Best Buses in Mumbai City

CCTV Cameras Security Inside Bus

BEST buses have always been cheapest mode of public transport in Mumbai. More and more people are opting for these bus travel daily due to various reasons like high fuel prices, increase in fares of Local trains, taxi and auto, traffic and driving stress etc. It is also the only commuting option affordable to middle class people who travel daily for distances in city as local trains are too crowded and bus offers end to end connectivity.

Working women are one of the increasing commuters of these buses and with that increases the safety issues. Harassment, Thefts, Molestation and groping is a matter of high concern which if not stopped will extend to rape and more dares by the perverts. So the need of time, CCTV cameras which brings higher level of security for women travellers inside buses. BEST authorities have taken this very seriously and already maximum buses are under CCTV cameras which can record and show all activities for previous 72 hours.

Women Security and Helplines

Already 10 to 12 seats in every bus are reserved for women for safe and convenient travel. More on it, 3 seats out of those will be specially reserved for pregnant and old age women and also those with kids and toddlers. CCTV will keep watch of all activities and can be demanded for proof in case of any legal action required on any person found guilty. BEST will provide the footage on demand and upon proper legal action which requires registering complain at nearest police station. If any women is harassed by another male / female passenger, she can demands bus conductor to take the bus towards police station, it can be taken. Not even rude conductors are spared, if found guilty and proof of same is recorded in security cameras.

103 Helplines for Mumbai women can be dialled if anyone needs to complain about any kind of abuse. Also BEST has its own toll free helpline numbers 1800227550 & 1800221250 dedicated to state transport. Alternately if you are around Colaba (South Mumbai), you can complain directly at their head office, address of which has listed below. Alternately any terminal / depot can be approached and appropriate action can be taken upon victim found guilty in recording footage.

BEST Main Head Office Address : Best Bhawan, Best Marg, Colaba Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001, Post Box Number : 192. Contact Number : 022-22856262.

IMPORTANT !!! : Save you journey tickets which may be required for any complains and as journey proof.

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