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“Mahim, a railway station on western railway route of Mumbai is known for its holy places to see and other attractions. Mahim location is where the city gets divided as island city and suburbans with adjacent suburb stations starting with Bandra. Lets understand this area and all places to see in more details..”

Mahim Location
Mahim Location

Talking about Mahim location, few famous places of attraction pops in mind which are famous and are visited by millions every year two of those main attraction places are shrines which are Mahim Dargah and St.Michael’s Church. More holy places and other known things about this location are Sitladevi Temple, Mithi River / Creek, Fort and a mesmerizing place called Maharashtra nature park, which was then called ‘Mahim Nature Park’ located near Sion Dharavi area on east side of Mahim.

Mahim is that station where city limits and suburban queen Bandra starts. Auto’s ply only in suburban locations and are not allowed inside mahim and all towards south of Mumbai.
When Mumbai was called ‘Bombay’ and much beyond that time, Mahim was one of those 7 islands that made the city complete. Major community staying here are Muslims and Maharashtrians.

With time the commercial activities in city between Dadar and Bandra went up in fast pace and as Mahim is between this two station, it took up the leap significantly. This location does have all and everything like residential locations, Attractions, Entertainment options, Schools and Colleges, Hospitals, Travel options, Eateries and more..

Mahim Attractions and Places to see

We just detailed above the famous few things that comes up in mind when we talk about mahim location/station. Now lets understand in more details all the attractions details here.

Mahim Shrines : Mahim Dargah / Shrine : Originally called ‘Makhtum Fakih Ali Paru’ shrine, This dargah which is located in West and is very famous for its yearly festival.

St. Michael’s The Famous Church : Yet another holy place and a shrine at the road junction on west side of railway station. 10 minutes from station is this famous Mahim church. This is one of the oldest church in Mumbai and it does has lots of old stories of magic and faith that happened inside St. Michael’s Church.

Sitladevi Temple: A very old temple (Mandir in Hindi) of Hindu Goddes Sitladevi. It is a beautiful old temple still maintained its authentic original looks of inception and is located on SV Road when moving towards Matunga (Next station).

Mahim Creek : Mithi Nadi / River : Since 2005 flood in Mumbai, Mahim creek is that once river always in discussion about clean up and ready for free flow to avoid another havoc in Mumbai. The lifeline creek of Mumbai as it can be said, This Creek was originally a pure form of river connecting various locations of Mumbai and taking the excess water to Arabian sea, But sadly now it carries all type of waste also.
So every year this river is in news pre-monsoon.

Mahim Nature Park : MNP as it is called short & also known as Maharashtra Nature Park officially, is a beautiful bird watching attraction of Mumbai. Located near sion Dharavi area which connects Mahim East, this small bird century is very natural and a kind of natures magic lying inside the concrete city.

Mahim Fort and Causeway : The fort which is hardly a attraction now was once in a good condition. You must read this small article about why causeway is toll free.

Travel Options

By Road : Taxi (No Auto), Cool cabs, BEST non ac buses and BRTS AC buses. One important point already stated to note is that Auto’s are restricted in and beyond Mahim till churchgate.

So in case you are coming from Bandra or other suburbs in north location of Mumbai, You might have to consider changing auto to taxi or hire a cab directly to cross Mahim. Road distance from international airport at Andheri is 11.6 km which takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

By Train : Local trains are lifeline of Mumbai and are faster to reach compared to any other means of travel. See Railway Map and Station Names for ease of reference.

More About Mahim Location


Apart from cinema their is not much for entertainment locally, But Dadar and Bandra have lots of attraction places which is hardly few Km in distance from Mahim. Bandra Location has Joggers park, Linking road, Bandstand and more. Towards south is Dadar which has market area, chowpatty and other locations connected are Worli with another sea facing area and lots more. Refer the category section in sidebar to know more about city attractions.

Famous Eateries

One can enjoy a varieties of Veg and Non-veg food at Mahim. Some famous restaurants here are Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar, Koliwada, Shobha Hotel, Sushegad Gomantak, Madina Hotel.

List of Schools

  • Bombay Scottish School
  • Canossa High School
  • K J Khilnani High School
  • Lokmanya Vidya Mandir English Primary School
  • Saraswati Mandir English Primary School
  • St. Michael’s High School
  • Victoria High School
  • Billabong High International School

List of Colleges

  • Vikas College
  • St Xaviers Technical Institute


  • Hinduja Hospital
  • S L Raheja Hospital
  • Surlata Hospital

Important Contacts

  • Municipal Corporation : +91-22-24024353
  • Fire Station : +91-22-24134200
  • Police Station : +91-22-24691834

Famous Residential Locations

  • Raheja Hospital Road
  • A S Gaya Marg
  • Lady Jamshetji Road
  • Kataria Marg
  • Sitaladevi Temple Road
  • Kapad Bazar Road
  • B Keer Marg
  • Mohd Chhotani Marg
  • Dandekar Road
  • Veer Sawarkar Road
  • Raheja Hospital
  • Mahim Railway Station
  • Sasoon Industrial Estate
  • Citylight
  • Pinge Chowk
  • Kapad Bazar
  • Desai Park
  • Paradise Cinema
  • Municipal Market
  • Bus Depot

Few Photos

Mithi Nadi, Also Called Mahim Creek
Mithi Nadi, Also Called Mahim Creek
Mahim Dargah, The Famous Shrine
Mahim Dargah, The Famous Shrine
Another Pictures of Multiple Shrines at Mahim
Another Pictures of Multiple Shrines at Mahim
The Famous Maharashtra Nature Park
The Famous Maharashtra Nature Park

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