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The Mumbai Ahmedabad bullet trains are set to start running by 2023, covering a distance of 508 km in just 2 hours and 30 minutes at a top speed of 332 KMPH. Learn about the schedules, travel costs, and stations between BKC (Mumbai) and Sabarmati (Near Ahmedabad) for these high-speed trains.

High Speed Bullet Trains
High Speed Bullet Trains

It is a very first phase of Pune-Mumbai-Gujarat transrapid link of total 650 km in distance. This super fast trains will be 4th means of rail transport after Local Trains, Monorails and Mumbai Metros.

Bullet Trains Stations and Routes

The initial route of the proposed Pune-Mumbai-Gujarat corridor high-speed train will run from BKC in Mumbai to Sabarmati (Ahmedabad), with a total of 12 stations including Gujarat and Mumbai Terminus. Maharashtra will have two stops, Thane and Talasari.

STARTING FROM BKC Terminus(Bandra Kurla Complex)Thane Diva Location (Thane)Talasari (Palghar District)VapiBilimoraSuratBharuchVadodaraAnandNadiadAhmedabadSabarmati Terminus (LAST STATION).

Please be aware that the stations mentioned above are subject to change and may be updated once the bullet trains are operational.

BKC Terminus: The main reason for being the first station of the high-speed bullet trains corridor at Bandra’s commercial hub BKC is its excellent connectivity to other transportation options like Bandra station, which is already a Terminus. It is also linked to both Western and Central Railway routes. It is close to Mumbai Suburban Andheri with the Metro train running, as well as Mumbai’s International and Domestic Airports, which are well connected to Eastern and Western Highways.

Thane: The elevated routing to the next station at Thane, somewhere near DIVA station, makes it convenient for people living in Central Suburbs like Ghatkopar and Mulund, which are also connected to Panvel and Navi Mumbai area.

Talasari (Palghar Area) and Vapi (Gujarat): Connecting Palghar area and starting stations in Gujarat like Vapi benefits many people who travel daily for business purposes.

Bilimora: A growing city between Vapi and Surat that truly needed a bullet train station.

Surat & Bharuch: Major stations in Gujarat, highly developed cities with some of the biggest cloth and diamond markets.

Vadodara & Anand & Nadiad: These interior stations in Gujarat are well-developed and attract many tourists due to their proximity to the city.

Sabarmati & Ahmedabad: The final stations where the bullet trains route ends. The last stop could be Sabarmati or Sarkhel, Vatava, or Kankaria.

Mumbai to Ahmedabad Bullet Timetable

Too early to decide on the schedules. This section will be updated as soon the train operations starts and schedules are declared by authorities.

Train Fares

Initially stated, the fare will be approximately 1.5 times more than the first class fares of other trains on the same route. This will be the quickest travel choice from Mumbai, providing an alternative to flights for saving time.

This is just a temporary estimate and the actual fare rates will be announced when the trains begin operating. For instance, an AC 3 Tier ticket for a train like Garibrath from Borivali to Ahmedabad can cost around 600 to 900 rupees, depending on the booking date and other conditions. Taking this into account, a bullet train may cost around 1200 rupees or slightly more.

We will provide information on the latest fares in the section below. Additionally, we will keep this post updated with Seasonal Passes (Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, and Yearly Passes) and convenient ticketing options such as ATVM Smartcards and other new technologies in use.

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Bullet Trains Fast Facts

1. The High Speed Rail Corporation of India will be responsible for managing all these trains.
2. This high-speed corridor link is approximately 520 KM long and is part of the Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad project, which has a total length of 650 KM.
3. The first active route will be between Mumbai and Ahmadabad, with a travel time of just 2 hours and 58 minutes and only 10 stops along the way.
4. The major stations on this route within the Mumbai Metropolitan area will be Thane and Talasari.
5. This bullet train will be the first of its kind in India, with about 4 to 5 more trains planned to connect all major cities.
6. The average speed of this bullet train is expected to be 332 KMPH, which is twice as fast as the current trains.
7. Travel time will be reduced by an average of 50%, as the current trains take about 6 hours to reach Ahmedabad, but the bullet train will take only 3 to 3.5 hours.
8. The seating arrangement on this train will only include chair cars, with no sleeper seats. This will allow for more space and accommodate more passengers.
9. The bullet train will consist of approximately 12 coaches made by a German manufacturer, with an aerodynamic design. It will have a capacity of carrying 900 to 1200 passengers.
10. Passengers will have access to facilities like WIFI internet, and they can pre-order food via SMS or email.
11. There are expected to be around 11 stations and routes, although this may vary. Out of these, 4 major stops will be within Maharashtra state, and 2 to 3 will be in Mumbai and Thane.
12. The top 3 fastest bullet trains in the world are the ‘Shanghai Maglev’ at 430 KMPH, the ‘Harmony CRH 380A’ at 380 KMPH in Beijing, and the ‘AGV Italo’ at 360 KMPH (which briefly reached a speed of over 550 KMPH in 2007).
13. Currently, the fastest train in India is the Shatabdi Express, which operates at a speed of 150 KMPH.
14. Around 15 to 16,000 people travel regularly on this route, with approximately 25 trains currently running, including Fast Mail Trains, Express trains, and Passenger slow trains.

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