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“Before talking about the pet shops and section details, Let us first know about this market. Officially called ‘Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai’ (Word Market is Called Mandai in Marathi Language) opened to Mumbai since 1869 and named after Arthur Crawford as Crawford Market is a Gothic and Norman architecture commercial structure designed by William Emerson, which has a special pet section on backside area. This section has multiple individual pet shops which are all commercial and not for adoption like activities. Lets know what species of birds and pet animals can be purchased from this market in south Mumbai and also about illegal sale of prohibited animals..”

Not Sure, But Pet sale section of Crawford Market has been closed. Please help with your comments

Crawford Market Pet Section
Crawford Market Pet Section

Birds and Pet Shops Inside Market

This pet section inside Crawford market is located on backside with an small opening / exit towards manish market direction road side. Shops inside are un-uniformed and tightly connected to each other. Wide passage outside these shops is where they display the little cute looking adorable pets for sale. One can have a circular walk around to see and understand what all varieties and species of water life, birds and other pets for home are available for sale. At a glance, commonly seen inside cages are Love Birds, White rates which are very cute, Dogs breeds and little Puppies commonly and major of Pomeranian and Labrador, Persian cats and kittens, Good Variety of Fishes, Parrots / Parakeets, Pigeons (Major white and some rare species), Turtles and Star Tortoises (Prohibited and illegal for sale), Colourful Small Cute Sparrows, Hens and Fighter Roosters, Rabbits, White Rats having red eyes, Chickens, Peahen (Peafowl) and few more if i have surely missed.

Although they bargain but not much and usually all Pets are sold at high price. The condition in which these pets are seen are unhygienic and sorrowful as for them its just a business and they are product for sale. They push in hundreds of birds in single cage which melts our heart (Some Strict Rules Required here). Sometime before i saw a video clip on YouTube or some social media where a guy inside closed door at Crawford market was pushing in small sparrows bundled and tightly pushed inside cage for transport or something else. Trust me it was a very sad view. I really don’t know why just raids are conducted and not permanent shut downs of such illegal activities and such shops who sells such. High court should come up with more strict rules. Most comments online related to these pet shops in crawford market shows hate and anger on ill-treating innocent creatures.

Pets and Pet Food Shops in This Section

All the pets except the prohibited species are kept wide open inside huge cages for display and sale outside and inside of all the shops inside this animal section. One can just ask for price, bargain a little and move out taking your cutie beloved once to give a better life. It is said that most / many birds and pet animals die soon if not taken immediate care under observation of a private veteran locally near your home as these pet birds and animals are very small and are not vaccinated since getting apart from parents before proper time, Such inhuman activity.

Illegal sale of wild animals and restricted / prohibited pets is common problem at this market. Selling star tortoises, Alexandrine and Rose Ringed Parakeets and lots more such which High court has banned for sale. Even after strict laws and prohibitions, shops inside sell them secretly. They hide all such animals and pets inside some secret rooms in worse condition (Although most of the birds and pets are in pity and sorry condition) and do the deal by showing pictures of same to customers on their mobile phones and when purchaser agrees and deal finalized, they are bought. Shop owners are smart enough to deal with customers and usually don’t detail about hidden animals until sure of the customer relevance and a reliable prospect. But not always and they fall in traps of Animal activists and NGO organizations like ‘Animal Welfare Board’ who visit Crawford markets pet section secretly in groups to understand the situation and get most information they can. Upon confirmation of details about shop owners selling prohibited animals they contact Mumbai police for help and arrest them for the illegal trade activities.

Next question which arise is, how to carry the purchased pet to home ? Many who stays in and around South Mumbai location can get into private vehicle or hire cab or any alternate transpiration to reach home. But many coming from far suburbs have to carry them safely without feeding food as recommended by shop owners as they might pie or poo while travel. Their are few shops adjacent who sells plastic bags and baskets which are comfortable to carry pets and which mostly a person will purchase to carry them as their is no other option left. So these basket sellers business mostly rely on the pet shops business.

Pet needs special food at these early stage when they are small in age. Many raise their pet dogs with home food and few are strict on diet and health and prefers only dog food like chew sticks, pedigree, fish and chicken products specially made for cats and dogs. Most of the required pet products and food are available in this section for sale. Pet food prices are equal or comparatively higher and not cheap / discounted inside this section of the famous market.

Address and How to Reach

Reaching this market is easy and simple. Nearest station in central railway is CST and in Western route is Marine lines at 10 to 15 minutes walking distance from station. Below is the address for your convenience.

Address Of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai (Crawford Market)
Dhobi Talao, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
Contact : +91-8452886815
Timings : No exact timings known, But usually starts around 10:30 in morning till 7:30 to 8:30 around in evening.

Another pet shop just near this market is Shake Hands, although no good review found with 1 single review on Google+ which is negative. Its a Pet Supply Store located at Shop No 2, 151/155, Sarang Street, Opposite Crawford Market and Cafe Firdos, Next To Hotel Sadanand, Mumbai.

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