Wet N Joy Water Park at Lonavala Near Mumbai

As they said, Hold Your Breath, ‘Wet N Joy’ (Also called ‘Magic Mountain Amusement Park’) is India’s largest water park with 36 varied points for fun ride, eating and rest inside which is developed by Malpani group in Lonavala after Shirdi (Nasik). Just 1 hour 36 minutes from Mumbai at distance of 82.7 km, This park is now open to is India’s biggest wave park, beautifully made beside wide landscapes surrounded by greenery and mountains (See Pictures) with a wave pool sized 60,000 sq ft, 3 Course ride whizzardmat, Crazy river and coaster blaster rides for family, adults and kids. Lets explore this water parks details about rides, food facilities, parking, opening and closing timings, contact details, group packages and discounts and online booking options.

Water Rides For Adults and Kids

This water park uses recycled and purified water system and no waste of water is done. 3 major types of rides categories as Family, Kids and Thrill Rides for which details are as below :

Family Rides

Disko H2O ride : About 2000 square ft rain dance space for family and a separate about 1000 sq ft for ladies.
Boomerango : Zig Zag up and down, swing with parter some straight some round is what one can ride this in couple on plastic air filled bags.
Cyclone : Rotate, Jump, Swing high up and flow with water on the air filled plastic bag with family or single, It takes your breath away for few seconds.
Tornadoo : A speed you feel on the ride with unpredictable turns and bumps is what is thrilling about this water ride.
Royal Castle : A colourful green and red castle on water with mini sliders and piped rides to explore in group, It also has surprise water splash of multi-thousand litres and huge cups filled water poured on you. About 10,000 sq ft area all in the form of hide and seek castle with water guns to fight and sprinkle water on buddies and family members.
Mat Racer : Race on water with multi slider water ride that starts at height of 47 feet. Its fun to slide down in high speed on safe slider with family members on adjacent slider to check who wins and falls deep inside water pool first.
Lazy River : Tired, Get lazy and lay inside cool water and go with flow.
Thunderr Waves : As said, Its a Biggest artificial water waves in India till date here in Lonavala. Yes, Wet N Joy thunder wave ride is one that can be said as a huge or mega wave pool with 8 lakh gallons poured in to create this waves that will keep you amazed and playful to enjoy this adventure ride. Attached is a big screen live to capture your water fun moves. So have fun, party and dance to check yourself on mega screen area surrounded with green trees and seating arrangements. (See pictures)

Kids Rides

Fungama and Royal Castle : 2 special kids rides, While we talked about royal castle above, Fungama is more then 4000 sq ft pool area, a fantasy water world kind experience for your child with artificial and colourful water object and life like Star and Jelly Fishes, Sea Plants, Huge Turtle, Octopus and Beautiful Cute looking Dolphins, A Wonder world and life time memory for your kids.

Thrill Rides

Nightmare : A Black Dark Hole Ride, Long with many turns and twist and one crazy mind inside (You) thinking on when will this end to bump you inside water pool finally. Scary, Really scary.
Extreme Volcano : About ten to twelve thousand litres of water inside this volcano like created globe is another thrill ride.
Coaster Blaster : About 600 feet long water ride. The Roller coaster , the ups and down, the sudden fall is what one got to experience when on this ride.
Whizard : An Aqua tube ride with speed higher than others, starts inside a tube hole and out sudden to see your adjacent rider going first or left behind.
Sky Fall : Is another mat racer ride with a more steep slope that begins and throws you down the pool.
Free Fall : Just another version of Sky fall with variation in steepness and the thrill you feel.

Food, Parking and Other Facilities

Splash Restaurant : A decent food restaurant with variety of food options like Chinese, South Indian delicacies, Pop Corns, Ice Creams, Italian menu, Maharashtrian food and other items like Pizzas etc, all here to fill you empty tummy upon rides and driving long way from Mumbai and Pune.

Parking inside Water Park : ‘Wet N Joy’ gives ample safe parking facilities of about more then 400 to 500 dedicated parking space for cars, bikes, auto and heavy vehicles.

High Tech Hand Bands : Once inside, no worry about carrying money for buying food and enjoying other facilities. A Hi-Tech hand band is what they provide which is easy to refill and use as and when required. This RFID active band is a alternate facility and service to go cashless and enjoy hurdle free water park rides and other facilities. Once done, return the band back and get back your balance amount.

Ticket Charges and Group Packages

(Please note : Kindly visit the official website for updated charges, Always see the last updated date of this article at end of page). Water park package is divided into 3 groups depending upon group size / total members in group.

  • Up to 24 people group (Weekdays) : Adults charges Rs.990, Kids & Senior Citizen (Age 65 and above) Rs.690
  • Weekends and Public Holidays : Adults Tickets will cost Rs.1190 and Seniors and Kids Rs.890
  • 25 to 49 People group (Weekdays) : Rs.940 and Rs.665 Respectively
  • Weekends and Holidays : Rs.1130 and Rs.845 Respectively
  • 50 or More in Group : Rs.890 & Rs.620 (Weekdays)
  • Weekends and Holidays : Rs.1070 & Rs.800

Water Park Timings and Address

Timings : Morning 10 to Evening 6.
Address : Wet N Joy, Old Mumbai Pune Highway, Near Karla, Kamshet, Maval Taluka, Pune District, Maharashtra, India.
How to Reach : Via Train, The nearest railway station is Lonavala. 54 Km from Pune City and 82 km from Mumbai. State Transport (ST) Bus stand is about 12 km from here from where Auto and Taxi facilities to water park is available.

Other Places Near This Water Park

Karla Caves : Old Buddhist rock caves, Best to visit in Monsoon. It also have Lordess Ekvira Devi Shrine, Located at just about 7 kilometres, 15 minutes from this park.
Lonavala : A Monsoon destination and a very famous hill station.
Della Adventures : Located in same vicinity, Another adventure park.

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** All Pictures Courtesy : Wet N Joy official website and facebook page of Mr.Girish Madhav Malpani.

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