Mumbai Pune Expressway Trauma Centres and Hospital Services

NOTE : Mumbai Pune Expressway Emergency Trauma Helpline and Detours / Disaster : +919822498224. Now a 4E plan by Highway Police to Reduce Accidents.

“To help accident victims during emergency and catchup with crucial time of that golden hour after accident, MSRDC (Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Limited) has developed quick response emergency trauma Centre and hospital services off Mumbai Pune expressway catering the range of 94.5 km since 2000 and 2002. By quick response what i mean here is the dedicated helicopters services for Airlifting accident victims who are injured or serious, and taking it to one of these 4 trauma Centres within 45 minutes to 1 hour time frame. Most of the deaths happens on such 6 lane expressway and highways are due to no quick response and medication services within 1 hour time, due to which patient succumbs to death due to excessive bleeding. These 3 to 4 such trauma centres will answer and cater to all such challenges. Let’s know and learn more about such emergency hospital services at Mumbai Pune Highway..”

Trauma Centres at Mumbai Pune Extressway
Trauma Centres at Mumbai Pune Expressway

Trauma Emergency Services

Construction ready and soon starting its operations to public with its services and facilities in next few months, The first trauma centre of total 4 such with emergency Ambulances and other such quick response vehicles of which the best being the Air ambulance, These are helicopters with basic facilities and can help save crucial time of accident victims. Location of this first trauma centre is Talegaon toll plaza near Ozarde village (Pune, Raigad District). Operating and servicing off 6 lanes Mumbai Pune Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway covering the range of 94.5 kilometres. Expertise and experienced doctors from Lokmanya hospital Pune city will be taking care of this Centre operations. Emergency helplines will be setup connecting commuters with this facilities as and when required.

All required permissions and NOC from DGCA, Ministry of defence, Town planning and Air authority departments of India has been taken. According to the MSRDC tenders and proposed plans, these ambulances will be parked across 4 locations for quick response in this 94.5 km stretch and will be operated and maintained by private operators. According to tenders and proposed plans these Air ambulances will give free services to patients in emergency which is what any citizen will expect and should be, But last news and updates says the cost have to be given by patient themselves, Minimum and Maximum cost of such helicopter service has not yet been declared. Even if the expenses of such helicopter services seemed to be less then the other commercial rental helicopter services and of course compare to anyone’s life, Still the question is why these emergency services are not kept free as they are not joyrides for any victim. The operation services which will be taken care of private firms on Built, Operate, Transfer basic (BOT) basis is currently getting delayed due to under construction of helipads or heliport as said used for parking this huge air vehicle.

Of the required 8 acres of private land at proposed Ozarde village location and after all the services and operations requirements done including helipads and parking facilities, Drainage, Water and Electricity in all the 4 trauma centres, Balanced vacant land can be used by the service operator for other commercial and refreshment activities like restaurants, petrol pumps and other related to Aviation and related commercial services which can bring extra revenue and profits. If to believe the numbers of accident victims on Mumbai Pune Expressway, According to newspapers they are More then 900 deaths, More than 550 in critical condition and about 2500 with major injuries since 2006 till date.

Mumbai Pune Expressway Road Accidents Maharashtra

State Highway Police have terrifying numbers to show from 2009 to 2015 which it comes to road accidents on Highways. As sourced to Hindustan Times by Highway Police (Article 28th April 2016) the number goes like this.

  • Above 89,000 people killed in Maharashtra alone (Highway and other road accidents).
  • 84 Percent of the above approximate figure succumbs to death.
  • The daily number of deaths due to road accidents is 35 as of day which goes above 13,000 people alone in 2015.
  • Not to be product of the 1st Rank to Maharashtra state for topping the chart of road accidents around India.

The terrifying figures above gives Goosebumps to travellers and also to Highway police for which they are trying every possible way to reduce the fatal. With the number sourced, Highway police have took on the initiative and have joined hands with NGO to work on how this accidents can be reduced. The 4E plan which will be used will be Engineering, Emergency Care, Enforcement and Education which looks quite promising. From which Emergency care for road accidents on Mumbai Pune is what this article is all about. After testing the new concept on Mumbai Pune Expressway and measuring the results, the same will be implemented around Maharashtra state.

As a common man travelling and driving on roads of Mumbai and sometimes on these highways, what my experience says is Enforcement of strict laws is much required as many people don’t fear breaking rules and they feel paying so little charged fines or using some political contacts works for them. Palghar district which was thane previously badly needs RTO interference and rigid rules. Their is no fear seen and no rules properly followed riding bikes or even cars. Basic signs and signals are not followed, no helmets used and many things to say when it comes such locations of vasai virar till highways beyond till palghar boisar and dahanu area. Education should be core part in schools and not just when learner license is given and training done. Working on morals and roots when in school will give great results when those kids become adults and come behind wheels on road. Our Highway has developed faster and far more better then before, Yet Engineering and use of technology to reduce accidents has to be enhanced. Western countries has been so ahead when it comes to following traffic rules, Fine and Penalties etc.
MSRDC Office and Contact

Address : Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Limited, Near Priyadarshini Park, Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai 400036, Maharashtra, INDIA.
Contact : +91-22-23686112 and +91-22-23696109.

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