MTNL VAS (Value Add Services) for Broadband in Mumbai

“MTNL Mumbai provides a diverse selection of Value Added Services (VAS) for their Mobile and Broadband customers. Among these offerings are Bulk SMS Services, Caller Tunes, and Broadband CPE’s. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the provided details and utilize the appropriate shortcodes and helplines when necessary…”

VAS for MTNL Mumbai
VAS for MTNL Mumbai

Value Added Services For Mobile

There are several melodies such as Caller Tune, Name Tune, and We are Same Tune, as well as the option to gift a song or choose from the latest Bollywood movie song tunes. These tunes are available as part of the Value Added Services (VAS) for 3G mobile phones provided by MTNL Mumbai. It is advisable to visit their official website to get accurate information about the charges, as they may vary or even be offered as a free VAS in the future.

Your Name Tune

MTNL offers the opportunity to personalize your mobile tune with your own name. By utilizing MTNL’s Mobile VAS services, you can easily set your name as your tune. Simply send an SMS with the content “NT Your Name” to the toll-free number 56799. This service requires a monthly fee of Rs.37, which includes Rs.25 for rental and Rs.12 as tune charges.

Your Favorite Song Tune

To set your favorite song as your caller tune, you have two options: searching via SMS or making a call. Simply dial IVR 56799 or send an SMS with your desired song (e.g., Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya to 56799). A list of songs matching your keywords will be displayed. Respond in the specified format mentioned on their website and follow the charges as provided. Once done, your chosen song will become your caller tune.

We Are Same Tune

It is indeed possible to make another MTNL customer’s caller tune your own if you happen to like it. Simply dial the desired number and press * followed by 9, and the tune will become yours. Please note that respective charges will be applied.

Gift a Tune/Song

MTNL VAS offers a unique feature where an MTNL customer can present a caller tune to their friend, who is also an MTNL subscriber. By paying a one-time fee of Rs.2 for SMS and Rs.12 for the gift song/tune, the tune is sent to the recipient’s number. The recipient then has the option to accept or decline the gift.

Hindi Bollywood Movie Song as Tune

A large number of individuals have a preference for Bollywood melodies and energetic songs as their caller tune. MTNL VAS for mobile offers a caller tune feature that includes Bollywood songs, which can be activated by both PRBT and Non-PRBT customers. To activate this feature, customers need to send an SMS in a specific format to a designated number. The format should include a precise song code that has been selected and is necessary to set as the caller tune.

Blow Your Trumpet VAS Caller Tune Service

You can easily create your own caller tune by recording your voice or any other sound you prefer. This can be accomplished through MTNL IVR by dialing 56789. Please note that there are fixed monthly rental charges and additional costs associated with this service, which are outlined in detail.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS has proven to be an effective means of reaching a large audience through their mobile phones for various purposes such as sending messages, advertisements, promotions, and promoting products. Some time ago, the emergence of Bulk SMS services has provided a successful solution for this. MTNL Mumbai offers these bulk SMS services at a more affordable cost. To avail of this service, simply get in touch with their business department at 02226528792 or send an SMS with the code “” to 9869889988. This service is part of the MTNL Mobile Value added services.

Free Mobile Alerts Services

Just like popular Android phones that offer call forwarding and other alert features, MTNL mobile subscribers can also forward their calls to 53434 whenever needed and receive a missed call alert later. This value-added service is beneficial when one is out of network, busy, or simply doesn’t want to answer calls for a while.

There is a wide range of shortcodes available for various services. For Mumbai, you can contact MTNL helplines at this link to get accurate directions.

MTNL Broadband Value Added Services

Similar to the aforementioned mobile users, MTNL also offers various value-added services (VAS) for their broadband customers. These additional services come with certain charges. For instance, MTNL provides the option to have an email on Blackberry for an annual fee of Rs.400. This service grants a storage space of 100 MB to the broadband user. However, if it is the user’s first email ID on Blackberry, it is completely free of charge.

If a customer wishes to enhance their WIFI coverage by availing additional WIFI CPE’s, they will be required to pay a non-refundable charge of Rs.1000 per CPE, along with a monthly charge of Rs.100 per CPE. Please note that there will be an additional GST tax applicable for this Value Added Service.

A few years ago, MTNL introduced various Value Added Services in Mumbai, including Fleet Management System, ONE97 IVR Service, MTNL Mobile TV (which is still available), Nazara and Astute WAP Service, Play Tunes, 3G video chat and other portal services, Video Club over 3G, The Saregama Station, MTNL Mcommerce Service, Comic and Timepass SMS service, MVDO Service, Try & Buy Service, MTNL Chat Cafe (Mobile Chatting), MCA, SMS Subscription, MTNL LBA, Social Network & Frenzo Service.

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