MTNL 3G Mobile and Broadband Value Add Services (VAS) in Mumbai

“Wide range of VAS (Value Added Services) by MTNL Mumbai that are offered to their Mobile and Broadband customers. Bulk SMS Services, Caller Tunes & Broadband CPE’s are some of them. Kindly refer below for all the updated details and use respected shortcodes and helplines as needed..”

VAS for MTNL Mumbai
VAS for MTNL Mumbai

Value Added Services For Mobile

Various Tunes (Caller, Name, We are same tune, Gifting a song, Latest bollywood movie song tunes, Set a sound or voice of your own choice) are some of the tunes available in Value added services (VAS) for 3G mobile phones of MTNL Mumbai. I will not detail about charges as this may change or may get as a Free VAS in future, Better visit their official website and check the same.

Your Name Tune

If you love your own name as a tune, MTNL allowed to set the same. Via MTNL’s Mobile VAS services it is possible. Just SMS NT <Space> Your Name and send it to 56799 which is a toll free number. One need to spend Rs.37 monthly for this services which is Rs.25 for rental & Rs.12 as Tune charges.

Your Favorite Song Tune

Just Search via SMS or Call, Your favorite song and set it as your caller tune. Dial IVR 56799 or Just type your song and send SMS (e.g Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya to 56799) and lisy of songs mathcing keywords will be shown, Reply in the respected format as detailed on their website and with the charges as detailed, That song becomes your caller tune.

We Are Same Tune

If you like some other MTNL customer caller tune and want to make it your, It is possible. Dial that number and press * followed by 9 and the tune becomes yours. Respective charges applied.

Gift a Tune/Song

One of the special features of MTNL VAS is that one MTNL customer can gift a caller tune to his friend who is also a MTNL subscriber. With a one time charges of Rs.2 (SMS) & Rs.12 (Gift Song / Tune) a Tune is send to the gift receivers number who can accept or reject the same.

Hindi Bollywood Movie Song as Tune

Many likes bollywood melodies and rocking songs as their caller tune. MTNL VAS for mobile has this bollywood song as caller tune feature which can be activated by PRBT & Non-PRBT customers by sending and SMS in a given format to a specific number. The Format should have a perfect song code which is selected and required to be made as the caller tune.

Blow Your Trumpet VAS Caller Tune Service

Just Record you voice or anything you like and make it as your caller tune. This can be done via MTNL IVR, by dialling 56789 with fixed monthly rental charges and other costs as detailed.

Bulk SMS

To reach masses on their phones via a message / advertisement / promotions / products etc, Bulk SMS emerged as one of the successful service sometime back. MTNL Mumbai provides this bulk sms services at cheaper cost. Just contact their business department on 02226528792 or SMS <BS> to 9869889988. This is part of MTNL Mobile Value added services.

Free Mobile Alerts Services

Like major Android phones which has the call forward & other Alert facilities. Similarly MTNL mobile subscribers can forward their calls to 53434 as and when required and get an Missed call alert later. This VAS service is useful when one is out of network or Busy or simply do not want to answer the calls for sometime.

Wide range of shortcodes available for various services. Contact MTNL helplines for Mumbai and get perfect directions for same.

MTNL Broadband Value Added Services

Like mobile users as detailed above, MTNL also has few VAS for their broadband customers / users with some additional services and charges. One can avail Email on Blackberry with charges of Rs.400 annually which allows a space of 100 MB to their broadband user. If it is the very first email id on Blackberry, It is absolutely free.

If a customer wants to avail for additional WIFI CPE’s for better coverage, Charges of Rs.1000 per CPE has to be paid which are Non-Refundable and monthly charges of Rs.100 per CPE. Extra GST tax applicable for this VAS.

Few years before when MTNL started their Value Added Services in Mumbai they had Fleet Management System, ONE97 IVR Service, MTNL Mobile TV (Still there), Nazara and Astute WAP Service, Play Tunes, 3G video chat and other portal services, Video Club over 3G, The Saregama Station, MTNL Mcommerce Service, Comic and Timepass SMS service, MVDO Service, Try & Buy Service, MTNL Chat Cafe (Mobile Chatting), MCA, SMS Subscription, MTNL LBA, Social Network & Frenzo Service

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