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“When it comes to High Speed Unlimited Broadband (Also called Triband) plans by MTNL Mumbai, Wide range of Postpaid & Prepaid plan vouchers are available for new and existing customers. With that MTNL has introduced some brand new plans in 2019 with available top-ups. There are super high speed plans for government officials like Judge’s & MP’s.

How to get such broadband plans, their installation charges, internet speed etc details are mentioned below. For latest updates, terms and procedures, I kindly request to refer MTNL Mumbai official website only..”

Mtnl Mumbai Triband Broadband 3g

High Speed Broadband (Postpaid) Unlimited Plans

MTNL Broadband Postpaid Plans
MTNL Broadband Postpaid Plans

MTNL Mumbai has wide range of High Speed Broadband Unlimited plans starting with Monthly charges of Just Rs.600 that gives a Minimum 6 MBPS speed on a Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) line. The Upper limit unlimited Internet plan as of March 2020 as detailed by the company is Rs.7999 which has options of 50 Megabytes Per second (MBPS) & 100 MBPS that also gives a huge data of 7000 to 7500 Gigabyte. FUP (Free Usage Quota) as detailed by MTNL in individual plans.

Truly Unlimited

The Truly Unlimited broadband internet plans by MTNL currently has 2 combo’s which monthly cost Rs.1599 for 8M combo & Rs.1799 for 12 M combo. The FUP in both of this truly unlimited plans are actually UNLIMITED. The download speed is upto 8 & 12 Mbps and Upload speed for same is 1 Mbps. This combo’s have an extra benefit of total 500 free voice calls, of which if calls made on MTNL Mumbai & Delhi networks, It will be unlimited free.

All the above postpaid plans have their respective limits on ADSL / FTTH & VDSL connections, i.e VDSL gives maximum of 16 Mbps of speed where as ADSL gives upto 50 MBPS speed. MTNL FTTH as we all know has maximum capacity of 100 Mbps broadband speed.

MTNL Broadband has few one time registration & activation non-refundable & monthly CPE charges with respected discounts if available.

Budget Plans

It is called ‘DSL-330-Non-Combo plan’ for those customers with very limited usage and looking for Budget internet broadband postpaid plans, MTNL Mumbai has introduced a new plan which cost just Rs.330 with monthly FUP quota of 60 GB which is not at all bad looking at the monthly charges. Download speed for this plan is 6 Mbps and upon FUP implementing it drop downs to 256 kbps. Similarly Upload speed is 768 Kbps & 256 Kbps respectively.

Postpaid Broadband Top-ups

Monthly Data top-ups are available to all unlimited plan (ADSL / FTTH & VDSL connection) customers with below detailed charges (GST excluded).

  • 8 GB For Rs.49
  • 20 GB For Rs.99
  • 35 GB For Rs.149
  • 60 GB For Rs.249
  • 85 GB For Rs.349
  • 140 GB For Rs.549
  • 200 GB For Rs.749
  • 270 GB For Rs.999
  • 410 GB For Rs.1,499
  • 550 GB For Rs.1,999
  • 900 GB For Rs.2,999
  • 2000 GB For Rs.4,999

Broadband (Prepaid) Plans

MTNL Broadband Prepaid Plans
MTNL Broadband Prepaid Plans

MTNL’s Prepaid broadband internet plans are with limited validity like 1, 3 and 12 months. The consistency of speed for these plans are 2 Mbps with free usage of 1.3 GB, 5 GB, 15 GB and 25 GB respectively. Company gives the plan vouchers at MRP costing Rs.499, Rs.1499, Rs.3999 and Rs.5999 which has grace period of 30 days. The connection remains active till 3 months and gets suspended after same.

These prepaid plans are for existing copper infra customers only who are also not allowed to migrate from. MTNL charges for installation (Rs.300), Regular modem (Rs.1000) & Wireless Modem (Rs.1700).

The procedure of booking or opting for the Prepaid broadband for existing telephone line customers as detailed on their official website.

Other Broadband Plans

MTNL in Mumbai has introduced more broadband plans called Casual FTTH, Casual Broadband, Plans for Judges & Plans for Hon’ble MPs. These are some of the special category plans. Some of the plans in these category has speed range from 6 Mbps to 50 mbps with upload speed ranging 1 mbps to 10 mbps respectively. Some of the super high speed internet with minimum charges every 3 days where payments are collected in advance.

In Mumbai special unlimited plans for government official like court Judges with speed upto 256 kbps with monthly charges of Rs.2500 and rental option of Rs.20000 / Year.

Similarly unlimited plans for MP’s (Government Officials) that has speed of 512 kbps to 4 mbps with FUP caps.

Documents Required : Photograph, ID Proof & Address Proof (All Self Attested) along with Application Form is required. Major ID’s and Address proofs are accepted. One must carry PAN & Aadhaar card along with other proofs as detailed on their official website.

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  • May 16, 2020 at 1:12 am

    My telephone is down from lat 3 months .It started working on 4th May 2020
    hoever broad band services have still not started

  • June 30, 2020 at 7:06 am

    My telephone (28493985) was down for the last 6 months. It has started working today. However, the Broadband is still not working.

  • July 21, 2020 at 9:42 pm

    I had opted for 600 Rs unlimited combo plan, but I am still being charged for both Triband and Landline. Triband has not been working for over 6 months now, and no effort from MTNL to repair.
    My Details:
    Ph: 022-28493985
    Name: Nirmal Jain

    • August 11, 2020 at 3:31 pm

      Kindly visit nearest mtnl telephone exchange


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