MTNL High Speed Triband Internet Services For Mumbai

“Being one of the leading and stable internet service provider (ISP) in Mumbai, Mtnl has best broadband named ‘Triband’ plans with speed and downloading capabilities of about 4 mbps via its land line internet and also wireless plans. The said assured speed at any given time is 256 kbps (Kilo Bits Per Second) is one of the best things MTNL Broadband has till date..”

Mtnl Mumbai Triband Broadband 3g

Benefits of MTNL Triband

Till date there are millions of Mumbaikars who has MTNL land line at their home and business locations since in many case the land line phone bills are asked and are used as legal proof of residence / office. The reasons keeps many citizen intact with land line phone. Broadband facilities brings a hassle free internet connections in this case as complete billing for Triband usage and regular calling charges are included in single bill that saves lots of time. Mumbai people can enjoy flexible annual and monthly plans as per their convenience to enjoy super speed broadband internet.

Broadband Value Added Facilities

Since MTNL uses ADSL 2 + technology which is an upgrade to the before used DSL (Digital Subscriber line) routers and devices, the value added services which are used in day to day life like VPN, video conferencing, live applications, socially famous applications like Facebook / twitter, Others like video-on-demand, IPTV and multi casting and broadcast applications can be used quickly. All this is possible because of its latest 3G Jadoo. See complete details on MTNL VAS.

Triband Features

  • Post paid service, which means payment of usage is done later when bill arrives.
  • Multi-user connection sharing is allowed (Very useful for cyber cafe plans etc)
  • Minimum speed will be 256 kpbs (Goes upto 4 mbps depends on broadband tariff plans selected).
  • Separate telephone and internet usage in same line, Which means if using broadband services, One can call and received phones also. If broadband service down for some reasons, Phone calling still works.
  • Some of the already active value added services included.
  • Most important feature ‘Value For Money’. Yes MTNL’s broadband or any internet plans are a real value for money for citizens.
  • 24 hours helplines and support.

How to Get Triband connection in Mumbai

MTNL provides various ways to get their broadband service at your door steps, You can call on 1500 from any MTNL phone and ask for new connection, Alternately visit any nearest telephone exchange office, Download triband form from their site and apply. The recommended method is to visit nearest Exchange office. Broadband ADSL routers and kit is provided by them to get started within 15 days.

MTNL’s Prepaid Broadband Services

Recently MTNL also started their broadband prepaid plans and services for their existing customers having copper infrastructure on landlines. They take initial installation, activation and one time charges for all that includes MTNL modems too for a valid period of 90 days. You need to refer their prepaid tariff plan section for details.

Other Broadband Plans

MTNL has multiple broadband plans for its Mumbai customers, some of them are Tri band tariff plans, Combo plans, VDSL broadbands, Temporary and Casual broadband plans, Special BB tariffs for Honorable MP’s, Special plans for staff members (DOT Staff) and l2 VPN service plans.

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