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“The classes pride, MTNL Blackberry Phones are introduced with services unlimited the businesses to connect and contact via its 3G features. Let us have a look at the Mtnl blackberry phones and its features for a wide range of customers with various services in Mumbai..”

MTNL's blackberry 8700
MTNL’s blackberry 8700

MTNL & Blackberry: Updates on same are not available since sometime. Kindly contact MTNL Mumbai related same.

Blackberry Phones Handset Devices

MTNL Blackberry Bold 9000
MTNL Blackberry Bold 9000

Blackberry Services and Features

Blackberry phones don’t need any introduction, With all its great standard features that are provided as wireless solutions in professional business networks, Blackberry gives 10 business and email individual accounts, Alerts, Contacts, Calendars, and other business tasks, and Social network features like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut, Chat applications like Gtalk, Yahoo messenger and blackberry’s own messenger, an Office suite (word, excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc). See also MTNL value added services for more applications

Handset Costs for MTNL

MTNL Blackberry Pinkcurve 8310
MTNL Blackberry Pinkcurve 8310

These 3 Blackberry handset devices as shown in the above picture cost (Average costing as it may be more or less on the day you check in the future)

  • Blackberry bold 9000 device : 26,500/-
  • Blackberry 8310 (Curve) : 19,000/-
  • Blackberry 8700 : 10,000/-

More details on MTNL Mobile.

Blackberry Services Tariffs and Plans

As of writing this post, MTNL has 2 tariff plans which are BIS 499 which is an UNLIMITED 2G plan with a fixed monthly service charge of Rs.499 including 2000 KB free data usage, extended to 1 paisa per 10 KB download after free usage.

Second plan, 2G Unlimited ( Monthly Rs.699/-) with unlimited usage and MTNL 3G Unlimited (Monthly Rs.1199/-) with unlimited usage.

Updates 2022: Note, Updated details of MTNL Blackberry Plans can be found at their official website here. I am not updating this page as blackberry seems to be outdated here in Mumbai.

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