MTNL Mobile Services: Postpaid and Prepaid Mobiles in Mumbai

“MTNL Mumbai offers both Prepaid and Postpaid mobile services and plans, each with its own advantages and flexibility. The Prepaid mobile plans include FTU 24, FTU 91, Jodi Plan, Tikadi Plan, and Sakhi Plan. On the other hand, the Postpaid mobile plans were updated in 2019 and are known as ‘MTNL 3G Jadoo’. This postpaid plan provides a high-speed broadband package that enables features such as video calling, mobile TV, and more..”

NOT UPDATED FOR CURRENT YEAR: Here are the specifics of the prepaid and postpaid mobile base plans offered by MTNL Mumbai to assist you in getting started. For any additional information or inquiries regarding the terms and conditions, please reach out to the MTNL office in Mumbai through the respective helplines..

Mtnl Trump Mobile

MTNL 3G Mobile Services Postpaid Plans

MTNL has recently made significant improvements to their Postpaid plans, particularly in terms of data packs. As of April 2019, they have revised their data offerings, providing postpaid customers with nearly four times the amount of data compared to their previous 3G data plans. If you are interested in exploring their postpaid mobile plans, below you will find a comprehensive list. Additionally, for any inquiries regarding 3G Jadoo, Dolphin, or Trump-related contacts, I recommend referring to their directory services.

MTNL Postpaid Data Plans

Fixed Monthly Charges (Rs.) v/s Free Data.

  • Rs.99 : Old was 1.5 GB Revised 5 GB*
  • Rs.152 : Old Was 3 GB Revised 10 GB*
  • Rs.299 : Old Was 8 GB Revised 20 GB*
  • Rs.450 : Old Was 13 GB Revised 30 GB*
  • Rs.750 : Old Was 25 GB Revised 50 GB*
  • Rs.999 : Old Was 35 GB Revised 100 GB*
  • Rs.1711 : Old Was 70 GB Revised 200 GB*
  • 2700 : Old Was 120 GB Revised to UNLIMITED

In all the above plans On the 3G Rs.450 & 3G Rs., 750 plans have 100 Minutes & 150 Minutes of local video calls free.

3G Tariff for Video Calls (From Local Zone)

  • Local Video Calls to MTNL customers is 60 Paise Per Minute, While to Other (NON-MTNL) is 90 Paise Per Minute.
  • STD video calls on 3g Tariff cost 90 Paise per minute.
  • ISD video call on 3g Tariff cost Rs.30 per minute.

3G Tariff for Video Calls (From Roaming Zone)

  • When in Roaming, An incoming 3G Video call will cost Rs.1.80 per minute
  • Similarly, A Roaming outgoing cost Rs.3 per minute.
  • STD roaming video call costs Rs.4 for every minute used.
  • Roaming Data Charges in this tariff plan is just 1 Paise per 10 Kilobytes.

Customers, both new and existing, have the opportunity to subscribe and opt-in for the 3G Jadoo plans associated with Dolphin mobile. For existing customers, simply dial 1503 to inquire about these plans. New customers, on the other hand, can reach out to the helplines provided to obtain further details.

Mobile 3G Jadoo Prepaid Plans

There are a total of five plans available in the MTNL prepaid 3G Jadoo tariff specifically designed for Dolphin users. Here is a summary of these plans.

  • FTU 24: The FTU 24 plan offers a validity of 180 days with no talktime included. Group calling is charged at 1 paise per 12 seconds. This plan is valid for 30 days only and includes 1 GB of free 3G data and 100 local and national SMS. STD and local call charges are 1 paise per second. SMS charges are 50 paise for local, Rs.1 for national, and Rs.5 for international messages. The first top-up is free and provides 20 minutes of talk time. Mobile internet charges are 3 paise per 10 KB of data.
  • FTU 91: With the FTU 91 plan, you get a validity of 180 days and no talktime. The SIM card costs Rs.10. Group calling is charged at 1 paise per 12 seconds. For the next 3 months, you will receive 3 GB of free 3G data every month. STD and local call charges are 1 paise per 2 seconds. SMS charges are 50 paise for local, Rs.1 for national, and Rs.5 for international messages. The first top-up is not free and costs Rs.91 with Rs.90 talk time. Mobile internet charges are 3 paise per 10 KB of data.
  • Jodi Plan: The Jodi Plan costs Rs.44 and includes a free SIM card with a validity of 180 days. It also provides a talktime of Rs.30. This plan offers 200 MB of free 3G data and 100 minutes of free local calls to the MTNL network, valid for 30 days. Call charges in the Jodi plan are 40 paise for local calls, 45 paise for MTNL Delhi calls, and 50 paise for STD calls. SMS and mobile internet charges follow the details mentioned in the above plans. Additional benefits of the 3G Mobile Jodi plan can be found on the official website.
  • Tikadi Plan: The Tikadi Plan offers the best benefit of free voice, video, and SMS on 1 MTNL Landline and 1 MTNL GSM mobile phone. It also includes 100 MB of free 3G data valid for 30 days. The first top-up costs Rs.88 and provides Rs.70 talk time.
  • Sakhi Plan: The ultimate benefit plan for individuals seeking unlimited calls to either Dolphin or Trump numbers. Enjoy 30 days of free benefits, including 100 minutes of video calls (MTNL only), 300 MB of 3G mobile data, and 50 minutes of free local calls. In this plan, video and voice charges are set at 40 Paise per minute for local calls and 45 Paise per minute for STD calls. SMS and mobile internet charges are also the same as mentioned above.

Refer official website for more details on their 3G High Speed Fiber Broadband Plans.

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