MTNL Mobile Services – Postpaid and Prepaid Others For Mumbai

“Prepaid and Postpaid mobile plans for the year 2022 by MTNL Mumbai (NOT UPDATED) has their own benefits and can be used at your own convenience. In Prepaid mobile MTNL has plans called FTU 24, FTU 91, Jodi Plan, Tikadi Plan, and Sakhi Plan. Similarly, MTNL postpaid mobile plans were revised in 2019 called ‘MTNL 3G Jadoo’ which is a high-speed broadband package that allows video calling, mobile tv & more.

NOT UPDATED FOR 2022: Below are details of both prepaid & postpaid mobile base plans by MTNL Mumbai to help you start. For all terms & conditions & further queries, Request to Kindly contact MTNL office in Mumbai on respected helplines..”

Mtnl Trump Mobile

MTNL 3G Mobile Postpaid Plans

To start with the best part of Postpaid plans, MTNL revised their data packs effective April 2019. Almost 4 times the data in 3G data plans for postpaid customers. Below are all the post-paid mobile plans by them. Refer their directory services for 3G Jadoo, Dolphin & Trump-related contacts.

MTNL Postpaid Data Plans

Fixed Monthly Charges (Rs.) v/s Free Data.

  • Rs.99 : Old was 1.5 GB Revised 5 GB*
  • Rs.152 : Old Was 3 GB Revised 10 GB*
  • Rs.299 : Old Was 8 GB Revised 20 GB*
  • Rs.450 : Old Was 13 GB Revised 30 GB*
  • Rs.750 : Old Was 25 GB Revised 50 GB*
  • Rs.999 : Old Was 35 GB Revised 100 GB*
  • Rs.1711 : Old Was 70 GB Revised 200 GB*
  • 2700 : Old Was 120 GB Revised to UNLIMITED

In all the above plans On the 3G Rs.450 & 3G Rs., 750 plans have 100 Minutes & 150 Minutes of local video calls free.

3G Tariff for Video Calls (From Local Zone)

  • Local Video Calls to MTNL customers is 60 Paise Per Minute, While to Other (NON-MTNL) is 90 Paise Per Minute.
  • STD video calls on 3g Tariff cost 90 Paise per minute.
  • ISD video call on 3g Tariff cost Rs.30 per minute.

3G Tariff for Video Calls (From Roaming Zone)

  • When in Roaming, An incoming 3G Video call will cost Rs.1.80 per minute
  • Similarly, A Roaming outgoing cost Rs.3 per minute.
  • STD roaming video call costs Rs.4 for every minute used.
  • Roaming Data Charges in this tariff plan is just 1 Paise per 10 Kilobytes.

New & Existing customers can subscribe and opt-in for these 3G Jadoo plans that are related to Dolphin mobile. Existing customers can dial 1503 and New customers can call their helplines for further details.

Mobile 3G Jadoo Prepaid Plans

Total 5 plans in MTNL prepaid 3G Jadoo tariff related to Dolphin. Below are just a brief of all those plans.

  • FTU 24 : Validity of 180 days, No Talktime, Group calling 1 Paise per 12 seconds. Valid for 30 days only, 1 GB free 3G Data & 100 local and national SMS. STD & Local call charges is 1 paise per second. SMS Charges : 50 paise (Local), Rs.1 (National) & Rs.5 (International). First Top-up is free and has 20-minute talk time. Mobile internet charges are 3 Paise per 10 KB of data.
  • FTU 91 : Validity of 180 days, No Talktime, SIM Cost Rs.10, Group calling 1 Paise per 12 seconds. 3 GB free 3G Data Every Month For the Next 3 Months. STD & Local call charges are 1 paise per 2 seconds. SMS Charges : 50 paise (Local), Rs.1 (National) & Rs.5 (International). First Top-up is NOT free (Rs.91 with Rs.90 talk time). Mobile internet charges are 3 Paise per 10 KB of data.
  • Jodi Plan : FTU cost Rs.44, SIM Free, Validity 180 days, Talktime Rs.30. Free 3G data of 200 MB & 100 minutes free local calls to MTNL network only (30 days valid). Call charges in the Jodi plan are 40 paise (Local), 45 Paise (MTNL Delhi) & 50 paise for STD calls. SMS & Mobile internet charges for the home network as detailed in the above plans. Other benefits of the 3G Mobile Jodi plan as detailed on the official website.
  • Tikadi Plan : Best benefit of this Tokadi plan is Free Voice, Video & SMS on 1 MTNL Landline & 1 MTNL GSM mobile phone. 100 MB Free 3G data valid for 30 days only. The first top-up is Rs.88 with Rs.70 talk time. Local & STD Mobile calls 1 Paisa per second & Local & STD Landline calls 2 Paise per second. SMS & Mobile Internet Charges as detailed in the above plans. Other group benefits too.
  • Sakhi Plan : Best benefit plan for those looking for 2 number unlimited calls (Dolphin or Trump). 30 Days of valid free benefits like 100 Minutes of video calls (MTNL only), 300 MB of 3G mobile data & 50 Minutes of free local calls. Video & Voice charges in this plan are 40 Paise per minute (Local) & 45 Paise per minute (STD). SMS & Mobile Internet Charges same as above.

Refer official website for more details on their 3G High Speed Fiber Broadband Plans.

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