Mahim Church and Dargah – Two Famous Holy Mahim Shrines of Mumbai

“Their are 2 famous shrines (holy place) at Mahim, First being the famous church and another the famous Dargah (Muslim Religion Mosque). Both are famous shrines close to each other with different stories for all those out for visiting holy spiritual attractions in Mumbai..”

Shrines Of Mahim
Shrines Of Mahim

Holy Shrine Names and Details

This is the first famous shrine of Mumbai in the name of ‘Makhtum Fakih Ali Paru‘ who was originally from Arab. This mosque is one of the oldest and famous monuments of Mahim, Mumbai. It was created in his name when he died in 1431. Here is an interesting article detailing about Mahim dargah and its festival which is held yearly.

Mahim Dargah in Mumbai
Mahim Dargah in Mumbai

Makhtum fakih Ali Paru a Qazi of Mumbai was known for his humanity, intelligence and knowledge about Islam and beautiful writing, he was also appointed as officer of law in Mahim and till date respected by Mumbai Police who are first to offer ‘Chadar’ during Mahim Festival.

Another famous shrine is the Holy Mahim Church. Its an old and famous church which is located near the sea facing area at Mahim’s bus depot (Now been shifted near railway station upon redevelopment). One of the famous stories (about a decade back, not now) about this church i remember is of the statue of Mother Mary. News was viral and people were talking about the magic that happened in church, Saying Lord Jesus was seen shifting from one hand to other. Really don’t know how true or magical that news was, But yes apart from that, Still this shrine of Mahim attracts regular and occasional visitors and the road facing church has still maintained it original beauty.

Recently, This St Michael’s Church made a benchmark by creating Bio-gas from tonnes of flowers offered to church daily. A great example of staying 100% eco-friendly and equally not creating waste by generating energy in the form of Bio-gas that is used in Church kitchen and the balanced slurry liquid that comes out of machine be used as fertilizer.

Wednesday is the main day when about 50 thousand people visit and at weekend around 100 kg of flowers are collected. The innovative way of converting flower waste to bio-gas and fertilizer has helped thousands in India go eco-friendly way and Mahim’s church is first of its kind to do so in Mumbai.

Address and How to Reach Mahim Dargah and Church

Mahim Church is located on west side of Mahim railway station in western railway route. Walking distance of 10 minutes straight from station or taxi in minimum fare and your reach this church.

Dargah is not very far from this Church towards Matunga station (South direction).

Places Near Mahim Church and Dargah

You can see the famous in news Mahim Creek (Not an attraction), Not far is Dadar beach. You might also be interested in knowing about Mahim Causeway.

Towards north is Bandra which has beautiful promenades like reclamation and Bandstand.

For shoppers a must visit is Linking Road. Another very famous Mount Mary church and father Agnel Church adjacent to it.

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  1. In 1960s, when we used to live in Mahim facing creek. My later father was always alert due to theft cases in Mahim area! A day before sunshine, he saw, someone enter into the house. so my father took Hockey stick in doubt of thief, but he was astonished, an old man went straight to bathroom and open tap and he was doing Wadu- An Islamic taught prior to pray washed hands, face and feets! After my father kept watching an old man in white dress walks towards door open to the seaside and without opening door, he disappeared! My father opened window and mesmerized by seeing that old man was walking over ocean! After that he disappeared but never sighted again! My father realized he must be a Suif-Saint, after that he contacted an scholar at Makhdoom Shah Baba’s premises so he came to know that he is a “Wali-Allah by name Shamsuddin”…But I still believe on my father’s comment! My wife said she once by his name did Fatiha, so she saw him! Most unfortuante the history of Mumbai did not have history even study over”Baba Shumsuddin”…

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