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“Complete guide and reference for Driving license (Online & Offline) in Mumbai. Answers to all your queries like How to get a learner’s license, How to get Appointment Online, Which RTO to go, About Permanent license and Periodically renewal of same.

Not just that, This page will guide you to download various Online license forms, applications and other services related information like Validity, Getting Duplicate license, Permit for International Driving, Revocation and Disqualification reasons and services like Endorsements and more..”

Motor Vehicle Department
Motor Vehicle Department

Quick Reference

  1. All License Related Forms : At Parivahan websites Forms Page all application and other forms available.
  2. Where to Apply ? : Online Application to be done at Motor Vehicle Department website for Maharashtra / Mumbai location.
  3. Helplines : In case any help required call their helpline 040-23494777 between 10:00 Am to 6:00 Pm during official hours & working days.
  4. Which RTO to Apply in Mumbai : According to the residential locations, RTO offices has to be contacted for various Vehicle and License related needs. For best reference i have detailed every location of Mumbai city and the sorted list of RTO offices is detailed.
  5. Online Restrictions : Few states has restrictions for Online Learners License and Test slot booking, Payments etc. Kindly Refer you RTO and State name for details.

Driving License Validity Period

Before i detail more about various process, documents, forms, rules etc for driving license, Documents and RTO offices, It is important to know about the validity period of a particular class / type of license. Each category license has different expiry and validity and has to be renewed before expiry and the grace period allowed for that particular category vehicle. Below are the details:

  1. Learner’s License
  2. : Valid for 6 months only, Need to apply for permanent between last 5 months of validity.

  3. Permanent License
  4. : Valid for 10 years, Previously 15 to 20 years validity was given. (Kindly help with remarks on latest updates if you recently got your license).

  5. Transport vehicle
  6. : Valid for 3 years.

  7. License to drive vehicle carrying dangerous Chemicals
  8. : 1 year and needs to be renewed every year.

  9. For person with age 50 and above
  10. : License is valid for 5 years only.

Getting Started With Learner’s License

I already wrote a detailed article about how to get Online appointment for learner’s license in Mumbai city. Remember, process may vary for few cities in Maharashtra state and this is for Mumbai. It has all the details required to get and appointment online for this type license in Mumbai and also are details about Documents required and help on how and where to apply. To keep it short here, below are simple details.

Eligibility : 18 Years for Geared vehicle and 16 years of age completed for without gears (up to 50cc vehicles only) & Parent consent required. Minimum 20 years age for any public transport vehicle who already has a one year valid LMV (Light Motor Vehicle) license.
Test : Prepare for exam test. Question bank is available at their website.
Online Appointment : Next, apply for an Online appointment which will take your to main Parivahan website to get appointment date.
Keep License Documents Ready : Form 1 (Application For Fitness Form), Form 2 (Granting License), 3 Photographs (Passport Size), Age & Residence Proof (Aadhaar, Pan, Passport, Birth Certificate, SSC Certificate etc, all in Original).
Pay Your Fees : Details about applicable fees available here.
Head to RTO Office : Upon online submission, You will receive appointment date & time and other details. Go to the respected RTO office, Submit documents, Give theory test and procure minimum 60 percent to get your learner’s license for respected vehicle as per your age.

Permanent License

Complete details about permanent driving license has been detailed here. Minimum requirement is to hold a Learner’s license with minimum 1 month driving practise. This temporary license is valid for 6 months period and application & all process for to get Permanent one has to be done within this period.

Online Appointment : If the above condition sets true, Take an online appointment at your location RTO office. For any confusion call upon their helpline as detailed in above process.
Arrange all Documents : Set of documents required in Original are Learner’s License, Form 4 (Application), Form 5 (Certificate from Driving School), Age and Address proof (Aadhaar, Pan, Passport, Birth Certificate, SSC Certificate etc in Original), 3 Passport Size Photos of applicant, Vehicle papers (Valid Documents) on which test will be given to qualify for Permanent license.
Give test : Goto to the RTO office on date and time as received upon online application and give a practical driving test as requested by Inspector. Test should be given on same category vehicle for which you applied for a permanent license. This vehicle is usually of Motor training school who drives you to the RTO office. If you fail in test, Application for permanent license can be done again after 7 days. All process to be repeated again.

Renewal Of License

Recently i detailed about the license renewal process, Still below are details in brief.

Application for renewal : Process can be done online at URL detailed at start of this article. It has to be done before 30 days of current permanent license expiry. Extra 30 days of grace period also available and fines need to pay if crossed the grace period. If not renewed before 5 years of expiry, License get invalid permanently.
Documents : Permanent license, Form 9 (Renewal Application), Form 1A for Physical fitness (Medical Certificate) and 3 Photographs.

If you hold a license made from another state transport office within India and are planning the renewal process here in Mumbai, NOC and confirmation from your previous state RTO authority is required.

How to Get a Duplicate License

If you are a permanent license holder in Mumbai and have lost it in any / some ways, You can apply for a Duplicate license again online. Go to transport department website and select your RTO location. At RTO office, provide requested documents like Form LLD, Current license if available (Torn etc) in the condition available. If your license has fallen or lost then a police complaint has to be done and the report has to be carried with all these documents.

Carry 2 Photographs and pay fees to get a new duplicated license.

Getting International Driving Permit (IDP)

For a permanent license holder, Getting permit for International driving is possible for limited countries as detailed by Motor vehicle department. Such permits are valid at limited countries due to various reasons and only valid with whom India has signed UN Convention. All the countries are listed on their website. Requirements for such permits are Form 4A (Application), Your current valid permanent license with a certified copy of same, Also Passport and Visa with Certified copies, Medical Certificate of Fitness (Form 1A).

Reach the license authority directly with updated fees and documents as detailed for your driving permit. No online application or appointment is required.

License Revoke, Suspension and Disqualification

If a license holder comes under any of the below listed legalities, His / Her license will be revoked, disqualified or suspended for specific period of time and will not be allowed to apply for any vehicle class license for that period of time.

All legal action and process is followed as per Motor vehicle act, Or Court orders. In general here is what make a person qualify to lose and suspend driving license. That person is into any criminal activity or addicted to any substance that makes that person unfit to drive, like Drugs, Alcohol or he may have got current license by any fraud or illegal ways, Or is legally bound and been charges for any Cognizable offence or the caretaker / parent who signed for minor with learners license declares to no further responsible or taking care of that license holder in any ways.

Remember, A license may be suspended for various legal reasons and apart from transport authority, Court may also give orders to do the needful for reasons related to road and other general legalities like road offences, Driving unregistered vehicle, Not following traffic rules, Theft of vehicle, Assault or Abduction of passenger, Drink Drive and unpaid penalties and many more. These are just some generic information on why and how a license can be suspended, disqualified and revoked permanently. Contact your local RTO authority if you have any issues or queries related to same.

Fitness Requirements For License

To save casualties and road accidents, at an initial stage itself a person may be not allowed any kind of motor driving license due to various health issues (Temporary or Permanent) or have any physical challenges like loss of hand or foot. Not just that, if a person cannot get the required medical certificate, Getting a license is impossible. With this point highlighted, It is a moral responsibility of a Doctor who issues a fitness / medical certificate to examine take this very seriously as for any reasons in future a single driving mistake from that certified person may result big casualty. Some of the core fitness requirements which can disqualify a person for driving license are :

  • Vision defects in any all ways.
  • Loss of Hand or foot by birth or due to any previous accidents or illness reasons.
  • Colour blindness or even may be blindness during night.
  • Any hidden or internal diseases because of which a person may lose consciousness.
  • Defects in hearing, Partial or total loss of hearing senses.
  • Epilepsy Episodes.
  • Or any other valid reasons found by Motor vehicle license issuing authorities that may be reasonable enough.

Change Of Address

It is mandatory to update the new residential address to RTO authorities. May it be within Mumbai city or even when changing residential outside states. Within 30 days of address change, Apply offline to RTO office of your new address location. Simply write a handwritten or typed application stating both old and new address with valid new address proof. The old address should match the address on your driving license.

Carry all your documents and driving license in original, pay address change fees to do the needful. If you come to Mumbai rto office from any other state, You need to carry a NOC from that current license authority of state with the application.

Hope this article has helped you in some or other ways to get ease with process and other information about license in Mumbai. Kindly help with any other updates and information with comment box below.

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