Aksa Beach – Mumbai Suburb

Aksa village at Malad, North suburb of Mumbai has ‘Aksa beach’, a not so visiting by tourist but famous between lovers (But not safe in late evenings), this beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai suburb. Unsafe yet beautiful for it evening climate, fresh air, sunset is located near malvani village, 9 kilometers from Malad station (West)..”

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Aksa Beach

Aksa Beach

Aksa beach is one of those beaches in Mumbai with clean sand, less crowd with couple of vendors selling ice candies and some eatables. Due to its unsafe nature and distance in far suburb this beach is less explored by tourists. It is highly recommended for youngsters to not visit this beach after 7 Pm as it is not that friendly beach compared to others like Girgaum chowpatty and Juhu beach.

Exploring Aksa

So what the specialty of Aksa beach ? .. The freshness and feel of that village side environment, far from those city buzz and pollution, Aksa has those sweet moments for lovers who do not want to get disturbed and also for shell and snail collectors as you can find the same on beach corners. The shades of coconut trees is a blessing in summer and in monsoon the pleasant scenic and sunset is what makes it famous between local residents from Borivali, Kandivali and Malad.

Aksa village will attract those who likes the greenery like Goa beaches, Beautiful small row houses, commercial cottages and huts with fisherman seen around location of malvani is what makes it feel like being in a small village.

How to reach Aksa beach

Borivali and Malad are two stations on western railway route from where you can reach this village beach. From Malad west at about 9 km and from Borivali west at about 12 to 13 km by road, you can reach the beach via the BEST buses and auto rickshaws. There is no cab in suburb locations of Mumbai. Alternately, if you are at Andheri, you should reach versova beach, from there buses are available to Aksa. Still, the recommended and hassle free best route is from Malad station.


DO NOT try to get into beach water for swim as the waves and the sand is unstable, since years there are many accident cases of youngsters getting into beach for a swim and never coming back. The tide, sand and unstable depth during high / low tides are dangerous. Another this is if you are alone as couple, make it a point to move away by evening as this isolated beach might attract some trouble.

Places of attractions near Aksa

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