Public Romancing in Mumbai City – Rules For Romancing at Public Places

“Love is Everywhere, Lovers and couples are seen public romancing in Mumbai at various lovers points which is not new to this city. Its a positive natural feeling for partners and friends to be together and spend good time seeing sunset from famous beaches, sea side locations Mumbai is blessed with. Unlike United states and other countries, Mumbai is not so liberal when it comes to seeing couples romancing in public. In February 2013, The then Mumbai police head Mr. Satyapal Singh took a bold move about romancing in public place. A relief for many lovers specially teenagers who usually go with the flow without knowing any rules about public romancing. As of updating this article in October 2017, I see a practical approach and a much broader mindset of people looking at cuddling couples along the coastal and other lovers point in Mumbai. A bold step by our Mumbai Police being practical about public romance, still keeping strict when it comes to Women security and ‘Obscene acts’ has worked wonders..”

Mumbai Lovers Point
Mumbai Lovers Point

Public Romancing and Mumbai City

As said Mumbai is not that liberal when it comes to long smooch / kissing in public which is quite casual in western countries. I remember a funny quote around social media which read “You Can’t Kiss in Public, But You Can See People Pee..”, funny yet very true.

Until recently, City was not really that easy for couples when it came seating together hand-in-hand, girls head on his shoulder, kissing good bye or similarly expressing love at public places and lovers points like Bandstand in Bandra, Chowpatty and Versova Beach, Worli Sea face, Aksa beach, National Park etc.

Mumbai police are citizens of Mumbai and have same heart and soul like us, When it comes to Women safety in public, Rules has to be strict, as many recent cases has created nightmares for girls in Mumbai. Strict patrolling and keeping watch on couples is already done, Specially at rocky coastal where couples are busy in their world and forgot the danger of sea level and gets stuck.

Time has changed, Police on duty now are around for lovers safety, Unlike previously as it would happened. Couple were warned by police when seeing romancing, Some were threatened by calling parents, Catching late evening with bright torchlight on faces in dark during cozy moments was an embarrassing time was faced by lovers. But those are bygone days of Mumbai, Now love is in the air.

I personally liked Mr. Satyapal Singh who showed a liberal and practical move towards Public Romancing. He has instructed police petrol team, Marshals to be polite with lovers in public places. Do not disturb them by torchlight etc. Yet, keep the women safety mission intact, Just whistle around when needed alerting public and those busy romancing couples to show they are around watching and keeping eye against any nuisance or red-flag activities. Know more from Mumbai girls.

If our city police have shown some practical move, It is also citizens duty to abide the same and show equal respect towards women in Mumbai. Also keep a note to respect elderly and family who are also at same public places as lovers are, So always keep the respect flag ON to elderly too.

Famous Safe Public Lover Points

Mumbai is blessed to be surrounded by beaches from almost 3 sides. Some beautiful lovers points available for all age romantic, married and unmarried couples. Below listed are few of those best safe and famous lovers points in Mumbai and Suburban locations :

Public Romancing and Kissing etc

Although these are not exact legal rules and like always Mumbai police can be strict or easy on such activities from Time to Time, below are things to consider while public romancing :

  • Know your limits and respect the elderly who might be seating adjacent to you Couples.
  • Do not go far inside rocky sea, Fluctuating sea currents are always unpredictable and dangerous. Better be safe as already many couples have been saved who were in news ,Got stuck in tides while busy romancing.
  • Although quick lip is seen at Malls, Beaches and such public places. Kissing, Smooching, Long kissing is still not allowed.
  • Sweet gesture of Hugging and little Cuddling is still ok.
  • Going to islocated beaches like Aksa, Gorai etc in late evening can be dangerous.

Lovers Point Video

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